Godzilla Goes Anime in Netflix’s Monster Planet Poster

We still have a couple of years to wait until Godzilla: King of Monsters brings the king back to the big screen in live-action. But in the meantime, how about a sweet sounding, absolutely crazy anime Godzilla movie? That’s exactly what we’re getting with Godzilla: Monster Planet, which is being released in Japan later this year theatrically and will arrive on Netflix for those of us in the U.S. Now the first poster for the first ever anime Godzilla movie has arrived and, though pretty minimal, it is really rad.

The Godzilla: Monster Planet Twitter account revealed the poster, which features the famed kaiju, looking quite similar to his live-action 2014 version, all in black and white. As opposed to the original version of Godzilla, this is much more bulky, massive and imposing. Not to say that Godzilla wasn’t always imposing, but this thing is just too huge to be reckoned with. What is perhaps most interesting is that this poster is starkly different than the first wave of art that was released for Godzilla: Monster Planet, which was very colorful, if also quite bleak.

Godzilla: Monster Planet sounds appropriately trippy, as an anime featuring the King of the Monsters should. The story will center on a world that was ravaged by man’s war with the Kaiju that lasted half a century. With Earth ruled by monsters, the humans decide to escape it and make for a planet called Tau e. Only those selected by an advanced A.I. are allowed to go to the planet. After a 20-year journey to the planet, the humans on the journey find out that Tau e isn’t the habitable saving grace they thought it was. So the humans must make a risky return to Earth, only to find that 20,000 years have actually passed, because of hyperspace travel and some fancy anime movie science, and now the planet is ruled by Godzilla in a fierce new ecosystem.

This is quite a bit different than what Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have going on with their MonsterVerse right now. 2014′s Godzilla divided some fans, but did well enough at the box office. Whether or not you like the more grounded direction of the current, American live-action franchise, those who like their Godzilla movies to be on the weird side will probably be delighted by the prospect of Godzilla: Monster Planet. It certainly doesn’t hurt anything that those with a Netflix subscription can watch it for free later this year.

Godzilla: Monster Planet is directed by Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshit and, probably most importantly, is being produced by Toho, the company who originated the Godzilla franchise. They did a great job with Shin Godzilla, aka Godzilla: Resurgence last year, so there is no reason to think this will be anything but great. We’ll see once the trailer drops. For now, you can check out the Godzilla: Monster Planet poster for yourself below.

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— ???GODZILLA ???? ? (@GODZILLA_ANIME) June 12, 2017


Marvel Boss Won’t Rule Out R-Rated MCU Movies

After Deadpool broke R-rated box office records last year for 20th Century Fox, fans started wondering if Marvel and Disney would explore these types of stories, since all of the MCU movies, from 2008′s Iron Man to next month’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and beyond, have been PG-13. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stated in April that the biggest takeaway from the success of R-rated superhero movies like Deadpool and this year’s Logan is that they took risks with the material, not just that it was R-rated. At the time, the studio president said that there were no plans for a Marvel R-rated ,but it seems his stance may have softened a bit. Here’s what Kevin Feige had to say during a Facebook Live interview earlier today.

“Not currently planning (R-rated movies), no, but it’s not out of the question. When I started at Marvel 17 years ago, the Blade franchise was doing very well. A lot of people didn’t even know it was based on a Marvel character, because at the time, they sort of hid the fact that it was a Marvel character. So, not out of the question, but not something we’re working on right now.”

The producer and studio head’s statement to Allocine is by no means a definitive one, but at least now there may be some consideration towards an R-rated Marvel movie. Back in March 2016, while 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool ($363 million domestic, $783.1 million worldwide, $58 million budget) was still raking in the big bucks in theaters, Bob Iger, CEO of Marvel’s parent company Disney, said that the studio has “no plans” to make R-rated Marvel movies. It’s possible that the success of Deadpool may have been considered to be a fluke, but after the success of Logan ($226.2 million domestic, $615.5 million worldwide, $97 million budget), Marvel may have re-considered their stance on the subject.

It’s interesting that Kevin Feige brings up Blade, since that is one of the few properties Marvel hasn’t done anything with, since the studio re-acquired the rights four years ago. Over the span of a few weeks in the spring of 2013, Marvel re-acquired the rights to Blade, Ghost Rider, Daredevil and The Punisher. Since then, the studio has launched a Daredevil TV series on Netflix, with The Punisher spin-off also coming soon. Last fall, the studio brought over Ghost Rider to the ABC TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and, as of now, Blade is the only property that hasn’t been resurrected since Marvel got the rights back.

With Marvel’s Phase 3 slate already planned out, coming to a close with Avengers 4 in May 2019, it’s possible that Marvel Phase 4 could bring the first R-rated MCU movie. The studio is already planning out their slate, with Kevin Feige previously confirming that the titles alone for the MCU Phase 4 movies would be huge spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Still, it’s possible that Marvel may find a way to bring an R-rated hero like Blade or any other unconventional hero into the MCU when Phase 4 kicks off in 2020.


Valiant Comic’s Shadowman Movie Gets House Party Director

Marvel Cinematic Universe, you say? DC Extended Universe on your mind? Well, Valiant Entertainment is trying very hard to make sure that in the next few years the Valiant cinematic universe is just as much a part of the pop culture conversation. The latest step they have taken is hiring director Reginald Hudlin to helm their in-the-works movie adaptation of their cult favorite comic Shadowman.

As reported by, Valiant is moving ahead with Shadowman in-house before taking the project out to studios. Bringing on Reginald Hudlin is a big step in that process. If you don’t know the name, you’re probably not alone. Hudlin has primarily been known as a TV director, but his movie Marshall is coming out later this year. And back in the early 90s, he did direct a little cult movie called House Party with iconic rappers Kid ‘n Play. He also directed Eddie Murphy in Boomerang, as well as the SNL spin-off movie The Ladies Man. As for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Shadowman comics, here is a synopsis of the series courtesy of Valiant.

“There are a million dreams in the Big Easy. But now its worst nightmare is about to come true. As the forces of darkness prepare to claim New Orleans as their own, Jack Boniface must accept the legacy he was born to uphold. As Shadowman, Jack is about to become the only thing that stands between his city and an army of unspeakable monstrosities from beyond the night. But what is the true cost of the Shadowman‘s otherworldly power? And can Jack master his new abilities before Master Darque brings down the wall between reality and the darkness of the dimension known as Deadside?”

If you haven’t read Shadowman but you have seen Marvel’s Doctor Strange, which outperformed expectations at the box office by bringing in $677 million worldwide, then you may be thinking that this sounds vaguely familiar. That’s because it does bare similarities to Doctor Strange, in general terms. Man becomes empowered and has to protect the world using something resembling magic from other dimensional forces. In Doctor Strange, Dormammu hailed from the Dark Dimension and, as you can see from that synopsis, the bad guys come from the Deadside. It’s hard to ignore where there are parallels, which might explain why Shadowman is one of the properties being developed for the big screen over at Valiant.

Valiant has quite a few projects in various stages of development. The most notable is the five-picture-deal they have at Sony to bring Bloodshot and Harbinger to the big screen, which will culminate in a Harbinger Wars crossover movie. Archer & Armstrong is also being developed by Valiant with Terry Rossio and Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer. It was also recently announced that Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are developing Quantum and Woody for television. Lastly, Valiant Digital is currently shooting a web series, Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe. So they are dipping their toes in every platform at this point.

Since there isn’t even a studio attached, there is no word on when Shadowman is going to hit theaters, if it even gets that far. Reginald Hudlin will be rewriting the Shadowman screenplay with Salem showrunner Adam Simon. The current draft was written by J. Michael Straczynski (World War Z, Thor), who is still involved as an executive producer.


Michelle Monaghan Will Return in Mission: Impossible 6

After sitting out Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, actress Michelle Monaghan has been confirmed to return as Julia Meade in Mission: Impossible 6, which is currently in production. The actress made her franchise debut in 2006′s Mission: Impossible III, where she married Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), returning for a surprise cameo at the end of 2011′s Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Here’s what Michelle Monaghan had to say on Twitter about returning to the franchise.

“Mission accepted. So thrilled to be reuniting w/ @TomCruise for #MI6! Can’t wait to show you guys more of Julia’s story #missionimpossible”

Director Christopher McQuarrie first hinted at her return earlier today, posting a photo of the actress on Instagram, although he didn’t reveal anything else in the caption, before Michelle Monaghan released her statement on Twitter. No further details were given about what her character has been up to for the past few years, or how large or small the actress’ role is in the sequel. Other returning characters from the long-running Mission: Impossible franchise include Rebecca Fergusson as Ilsa Faust from Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn, who debuted in Mission: Impossible III alongside Michelle Monaghan, and Ving Rhames’ Luther Stickle, who, along with Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, has appeared in all six Mission: Impossible movies.

New characters joining the fold this time around include Henry Cavill, who will play the right hand man to the head of Ethan Hunt’s IMF unit. Before the actor came aboard, it wasn’t yet known who was playing the IMF head, since that character has changed in each of the previous five movies. It was later confirmed that Alec Baldwin, who played IMF head Alan Hunley in Rogue Nation, is returning, along with Sean Harris’ villainous character Solomon Lane from Rogue Nation. The only other new cast member to sign on at this time is Vanessa Kirby, although her character has yet to be confirmed.

While little is known about the actual story, producer David Ellison recently revealed that this movie will feature Tom Cruise’s biggest stunt yet, which some fans may think will be no easy feat, after his iconic stunt that kicked off Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, where the actor was seen holding onto the door of a cargo plane as it took off, before tech wizard Benji Dunn could open the plane’s door in mid-air. Before that, the actor took his stunt work to new heights by scaling the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which thrilled audiences in Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Other iconic stunts include an Shanghai skyscraper leap in Mission: Impossible III, a death-defying climbing scene without any nets in Mission: Impossible II and an explosive train leap in the first Mission: Impossible.

Christopher McQuarrie is making franchise history by being the first director to take the helm of two Mission: Impossible movies, after his work on Rogue Nation. The director is working from his own script, with Paramount setting a July 27, 2018 release date. Michelle Monaghan most recently starred in Patriots Day and Sleepless, along with the indie film Sidney Hall that debuted at Sundance this past January. She also stars in the hit Hulu series The Path and has Saint Judy in post-production. Take a look at the actress’ tweet below, where she announces her return in Mission: Impossible 6.

Mission accepted. So thrilled to be reuniting w/ @TomCruise for #MI6! Can’t wait to show you guys more of Julia’s story ????

— Michelle Monaghan (@realmonaghan) June 13, 2017


Joel Schumacher Apologizes for Batman & Robin 20 Years Later

Batman has had an interesting history on screen. The character goes from huge highs, like The Dark Knight, to pretty big lows, like Batman & Robin, a movie that many consider to be one of the worst superhero movies of all time. Now, the man responsible for that dreadful disaster of a Batman movie, director Joel Schumacher, has officially apologized for making it.

In honor (is honor the right word?) of Batman & Robin turning twenty this year, Vice spoke with Joel Schumacher about his time with the Batman franchise. One of the first things he did while talking to the publication was straight-up say sorry for Batman & Robin.

“Look, I apologize. I want to apologize to every fan that was disappointed because I think I owe them that.”

Joel Schumacher now joins George Clooney, who played Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman & Robin, who also apologized publicly for the movie. It is an interesting thing when a filmmaker feels the need to apologize to fans for their art, but Batman & Robin feels ripe for just this kind of apology. Schumacher also talked a bit about his journey as a filmmaker to making Batman & Robin and, as he tells it, the movie seriously hurt his career, on par with someone who had “murdered a baby.”

“You know, I just knew not to do a sequel. If you get lucky, walk away. But everybody at Warner Brothers just expected me to do one. Maybe it was some hubris on my part. I had a batting average of 1,000, so I went from falling down a bit after Lost Boys, to a kind of a genius with The Client, a big blockbuster with Batman Forever, then had great reviews with A Time to Kill, so my batting average was good. I never planned on being, that dreadful quote, “a blockbuster king” because my other films were much smaller and had just found success with the audience and not often with the critics, which is really why we wrote them. And then after Batman & Robin, I was scum. It was like I had murdered a baby.”

Those are some pretty harsh words, but fans can be brutal. In the case of Batman & Robin, fans are still brutal to it twenty years later. Between the “bat nipples” and all of Mr. Freeze’s one liners, courtesy of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is hard not to understand why. But as Joel Schumacher explains, the Batman franchise has gone through some serious changes over the years and, back when he was making the movies, the audience was into something a bit lighter.

“I guess I’ll say, I hope no fans moved on from Batman upon first seeing my movie. When I was first approached to do Batman Forever, I said that it was Tim Burton’s franchise. At the time Danny Devito’s character with The Penguin was causing a ruckus among parents. Also, Michelle Pfeiffer with her fabulous bondage outfit didn’t help matters. People across America were objecting to everything. Tim, who is a great friend of mine, begged me to take the franchise. Because of the pressure and he was ready to walk away. What’s interesting to me is if you see Tim and my version, you can see how innocent viewers were back then. It’s really interesting to me is, because if you see Tim’s and my [films], you’d understand how innocent the audience was back then when it demanded to have more of a family-friendly Batman. Then when you see Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, the last one especially where he’s dealing with real class and economic problems, you see how the audience has changed in the fact that they can accept and want darker and darker subject matter.”

Not that we need to drive the point into the ground, but Batman & Robin is a very bad movie no matter how you slice it. The movie did poorly at the box office, bringing in just $238 million against a $125 million production budget. Over on Rotten Tomatoes, the movie has a truly poor 11 percent approval rating from critics, with a 16 percent audience score. So it’s a nice gesture to fans for Joel Schumacher to make this apology. Just a matter of fans deciding to accept it or not.


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