‘Barely Lethal’ Clip: Samuel L. Jackson Trains a Teenage Assassin

If you have DirecTV, you may have already seen the action thriller Barely Lethal, which debuted exclusively on the cable service April 30. For everyone else, the movie hits theaters on May 29. To celebrate, we have a new poster and an exciting clip that showcases stars Hailee Steinfeld and Samuel L. Jackson.

In Barely Lethal, Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld) is a teenage special ops agent who yearns for a normal adolescence. After faking her own death she assumes the role of an exchange student and quickly learns that surviving the treacherous waters of a typical American high school can be even more difficult than international espionage. Will she continue to live as an all-American teenager? Or will she return to a life that is less alien and more comforting, even though it is far more deadly?

This second clip sets up the somewhat contentious relationship between Megan and her special ops trainer Hardman, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Hardman has been training Walsh from a very young age, and he sees something special in the girl. So you can understand his anger when she decides to flee. But her seemingly ideal alternative lifestyle may have her returning to a much more violent past quicker than she thinks. Check out the latest footage, along with the new neon pink poster that proudly proclaims, ‘Click. Clique. Bang!’

Barley Lethal Poster

Barely Lethal comes to theaters May 29th, 2015.


IM Global Bringing Its Biggest Lineup Ever To The Croisette – Cannes

EXCLUSIVE– Stuart Ford’s IM Global is coming to Cannes with its splashiest ever line-up. In addition to the just-announced pick up of The Circle, to star Alicia Vikander and Tom Hanks, Deadline has learned that IM Global is also hoping to launch the Tom Hardy feature film Journey to Samarkand in the coming days. The project, to be directed by Greg Williams, follows a veteran (Hardy) suffering from post traumatic stress disorder attempts to fit back into society after returning from service in the Middle East. IM Global is stepping in to finance and handle sales on the project, which was originally set up with Solar Pictures. IM Global declined to comment on the development, which would see the company back in business with the Mad Max: Fury Road actor after the two worked together on Steven Knight’s Locke.

While the run-up to the market has, thus far at least, been more subdued than usual with a paucity of big name new projects, Ford’s company has been on something of a tear. In addition to Journey to Samarkand and The Circle, IM Global has new projects in the shape of Barack and Michelle Obama romance Southside With You; the Wayans brothers spoof 50 Shades of Black; and Spike Lee’s comedy music Chiraq featuring Kanye West and Jennifer Hudson.

The company is also likely to show buyers first look footage of Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s The Secret in their Eyes; Gary Ross’ The Free State of Jones starring Matthew McConaughey as well as Andre Ovredal’s supernatural thriller The Autopsy of Jane Doe, starring Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox.


Cristela Alonzo Reacts To Cancellation Of Her ABC Series

In an emotional blog post today, Cristela creator, executive producer and star Cristela Alonzo reflects on her ABC comedy series’ cancellation last Thursday. She talks about how she got the news and her reaction; about the deep personal connection she had with the show, which was based on her family; and how much the series meant to her and to the people it touched. Here are some highlights from Alonzo’s post (you can read it in its entirety here):

I once had a show named Cristela. By once, I mean up until Thursday night. I said ‘once’ because it adds dramatic flair and I think dramatic flair is funny.

It was a multi-cam sitcom that SOMETIMES aired on Friday nights. I say sometimes because a lot of times we were pre-empted for more important things like an Easter egg hunt happening in real time. Kidding. In reality, we were preempted for other things like a documentary on a parade and some other things I can’t remember. I think one night was a show about Christmas lights?

I was walking back to my hotel room Thursday night after my stand-up show in Fort Lauderdale when I saw the call. I knew it was bad news before I answered it because I had gotten a text from my Executive Producer that said, “Call me when you get this.” If it had been good news, she would’ve started mentioning it in the text. Since I was raised as a good old-fashioned Catholic, I braced for the worst. And that’s what I got.

When I heard the words “we’ve been canceled”, I can’t tell you how I felt. I was kinda sad, angry and other things. Since the show was named after me, the first thing I thought about was how I let the cast and crew down. They were out of jobs. I thought to myself, “I should’ve done more to promote the show. I could’ve done more.”

I hung up the phone, went to have a beer and my phone started lighting up with texts. I answered as many as I could. Some I still haven’t gotten to. I found myself sounding like a politician, saying the same thing to everyone: “Thank you so much. I’m doing ok. I’m doing fine.”

After the beers (I had two), I went up to my hotel room and laid in bed.

You learn a lot about yourself and others in times like these. I also think the truth comes out in moments like that; sometimes you realize you’re feeling something you didn’t think you were going to feel. I did.

I laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling and let out a big breath. I felt relieved. I wasn’t expecting that. At all. What the hell was I feeling relief about? The show had been canceled. What? I’m relieved I don’t have a job anymore? But, why?

I’ve learned so much this past year, both good and bad. I’ve learned lessons that I never thought I’d have to learn.

Making a show out of someone’s real life is so incredibly hard to do because you’re not doing it alone. There are so many different hands involved that sometimes it gets exhausting and frustrating. And that’s understandable because the show was based out of a real person’s life. My life.

If this show had been something that had been created out of thin air, I don’t think it would’ve been as difficult for me because I would’ve been playing a character not named Cristela, which gives it less of a connection to me but that’s not what this show was. This show was VERY personal to me.

The setting of the show took place in a real time in my life, a really sad time of my life. I had dropped out of college because I couldn’t afford it. My mom got sick. My sister needed help with her kids. I ended up moving in with my sister to take care of my mom and the kids. In real life, this leads up to my mom dying. I chose this era because while it was the hardest time of my life, it was also a time that I thought a lot of families could connect with, especially now. There are so many families that have a lot of people living in one house to get by. I’ve met those people on the road when I do stand-up. I thought, “If I could tell MY story about what happened to me, maybe others can connect to it.”

TERRI HOYOS, CRISTELA ALONZO, ISABELLA DAY, MARIA CANALS-BARRERA, JACOB GUENTHER, CARLOS PONCEI was very protective over what I wanted to do in the show and what I didn’t want to do in the show because it portrayed real people from my life. The boss character (Trent) was based on a real boss I had that used to make racial jokes to me all the time. The daughter of Trent (Maddie) was based on an old college friend that came from an affluent world. We were friends that taught each other about each other’s worlds. The character Josh was based on someone real: My first boyfriend. I came from a different world than he did. When people saw us together, we didn’t make sense but we ‘got’ each other. The sister character (Daniela) was based on my sister Julie. She really worked at a call center and she really did get laid off like we wrote in the show. My brother-in-law (Felix) was based on my real brother-in-law Sergio that really has his own business installing floors. And then there’s Natalia. The mom you saw in the show (or according to ratings, didn’t see) was like my real mom. She could be harsh, sarcastic, judged everyone and I loved her with all my heart. When we were coming up with names for the characters and got to the mom character, I asked if I could name my TV mom after my real mom…so that it felt like she was always around. And that’s how we got the name: Natalia.

I thought it was important to show my family because there had never been one like that on TV before. A lot of the time, Latinos are shown as cholos/cholas that ride around in lowriders. I didn’t grow up that way but I always respected authentic stories that (as you’ll find in movies like Mi Vida Loca) showed that life because that lifestyle is someone’s reality.

I wish I could’ve written a show based on my life that showed my family kicking butt…like we were Latino Huxtables but that wasn’t my truth. And maybe I will create that show one day, who knows.

I used to dream about what it would feel like to have your own show. As a little kid, I imagined my face on a billboard; a big sign that had my face on it. I always wondered what it would feel like to drive down the street and see your name on a billboard. Something that kinda said, “HEY WORLD! I’m here! Check out this show with me in it!” After having a show named after me on network TV for a year, I can tell you that I still don’t know what it’s like to have a billboard with my face on it. I never got one. But I can tell you what it feels like to have your face on some bus benches and the backs of buses.

I will say that the best thing to happen to me this year was meeting the people that I wanted to reach with the show. My favorite things to hear were when people would tell me that FINALLY there was someone like them on TV and that they loved that it was a show they could watch with their parents or children. They felt like finally someone was representing them. I loved that.

Thank you to everyone that has sent me messages of support. You guys don’t know how much that means to me. To see how many of you loved my family is overwhelming. This past weekend, I’ve also gotten messages from people that told me how much my show inspired them to do something with their lives. People told me that they decided to go to college for the first time, others told me they’re going back to school. I have people telling me that their Latino kids are joining the drama club at their school. I have to admit, I cried at some of those messages. It took me by surprise. I cried because it made me so happy. YES! Go to college, get that education that you thought was impossible to get. YES! Support your kids, let them go into drama. YES! YES! YES! If these people made these changes because of Cristela, then the show has served its purpose.

My goal is to make my family proud. My goal is to by tell stories that entertain and speak for the unspoken, along with maybe a trip to Price is Right to do Plinko.

Trust me, Cristela the show might be done…but Cristela the person has just started.


‘Jane The Virgin’ Finale: EPs Jennie Snyder Urman & Ben Silverman Talk Season 2 Twists, Baby & That Well-Heeled Ending

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight’s Jane The Virgin Season 1 finale.

EXCLUSIVE: Perhaps in more conventional hands on a more conventional network, Jane The Virgin would have ended up being just another one-note comedy full of predictability and platitudes. Instead the much-awaited freshman CW series about a young woman who gets pregnant by accidental insemination delivered an astute, poignant and sparkling first season of dramedy that even when you saw the initial storyline coming to an end left you wondering what was coming next. That’s exactly why I made it one of my Top 10 Shows of 2014 halfway through its first cycle. Based on the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, JTV seamlessly melded cultures and preconceptions, not to mention conception itself, into something very much its own.

With tonight’s Season 1 finale, the January-renewed Jane The Virgin found Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez’s title character giving birth to a little boy as her mother Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and her long-lost biological father and TV star Rogelio (Jaime Camil) got married on a drunken Sin City night. And then there was a reconciliation of a sort for Jane with rich hotelier Rafael (Justin Baldoni), her child’s biological father, as well as her former fiancé Michael (Brett Dier) — both of whom want to be with her. To add to the already complicated competing situations another sperm sample of Rafael’s that suddenly has come into the possession of his estranged wife Petra (Yael Grobglas). There also was a kidnapping cliffhanger.

The Paley Center For Media's PaleyFest 2014 Fall TV Previews - The CWWith all that in the mix, I chatted with executive producers Ben Silverman and Jennie Snyder Urman about the last-second abduction of the just-born Mateo on tonight’s finale as well as where the show plans on going after that twist, the characters it has and the new ones we can expect to see next season. And what happens to Jane The Virgin when Jane is no longer a virgin?

DEADLINE: Honestly, you had to have the baby stolen by Sin Rostro that early – we couldn’t even enjoy the moment?

SNYDER URMAN: That was the clip that we were building to from when we began this show. There’s a specific reason that she is taking the baby. We’ll find out what it is right when we come back in Season 2 because we pick up pretty continuous. You find out what she wants and what it will take to get the baby back.

DEADLINE: Why did you decide to have Season 2 begin right after Season 1? A lot of shows put a little bit of distance between their seasons.

SNYDER URMAN: Well, for me the birth of the baby was so emotional, and the taking away of the baby is really dramatic. So I felt like you can’t skip over that moment in storytelling about how Jane finds out, what happens and the steps that they need to take in order to get the baby back. It seems too huge for our heroine to not actually explore.

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DEADLINE: Jane The Virgin feels like a show that doesn’t have a bookend, especially with having the baby born at the end of Season 1.

SILVERMAN: Say that, type it, trade it, stream it.

SNYDER URMAN: The way that the writers have been thinking about each season, for however many it goes, is to have this home story. The first season was a story about a girl who has her life planned out and who was accidentally inseminated and the conclusion to that is the birth. It’s one complete story, and telenovelas are really good at starting the story and then, you know, coming to some satisfying conclusion. The birth felt like it had to happen in this season.

DEADLINE: So do you have an end to the series planned?

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Press RoomSNYDER URMAN: We know how the whole story ends, but there’s a lot of twists and turns in different directions getting there. We’re lucky — we have Gina, who can do anything. Our whole ensemble is great, and we hope it goes on for a long time.

DEADLINE: So, Jennie, when you say you know how the story ends, have you already figured out how the second season is going to get us there?

SNYDER URMAN: Yes, yes. We’ve spent time in the writers room with the writers, and we went through most of Season 2 and how it led us to a Season 3, knock on wood. We have that because you like to leave things that launch the story into the next area. You know, you get a little nervous at the beginning of a season because you think, oh there’s just so much material, especially for 22 episodes. But we know what are we going to do, and I hope people like it. Now, It’s how do three very strong women raise a boy? That seems like an interesting journey for the second season.

Chapter Twenty-TwoDEADLINE: For the second season, it looks like Jane not only has a baby but she actually has her mother and father as married parents.

SNYDER URMAN: “Will that marriage last” will be a question that we’ll definitely get into.

SILVERMAN: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

DEADLINE: Will we learn who the narrator is in Season 2?

SNYDER URMAN: Eventually the narrator will be revealed, but I can’t quite say when.

SILVERMAN: Not in Season 2.

DEADLINE: OK, but are we going to see some other characters coming into Season 2 that might challenge that marriage or change other aspects of the show?

SNYDER URMAN: Definitely. I have been waiting to bring in Rogelio’s first wife, who has kind of hinted was a big true love of his. So we’re going to bring her into that second season. We’ve set up certain other people that are going to make their way into our world, and I think you haven’t seen the last of some people who you haven’t seen in a while.

DEADLINE: Could someone who also might appear on the scene be a little brother or sister to Mateo now that Petra’s got that sperm sample?

SNYDER URMAN: Yes, exactly. On our show we try to do a few things at once. We like to have real emotional, genuine emotional developments. We like to have big telenovela twists and turns, and we like to have those comic situations that suddenly affect peoples’ lives. And Petra taking Rafael’s leftover sperm sample is going to take us on an interesting journey.

DEADLINE: Is getting the baby back in Season 2 going to reveal to us some competition between Rafael and Michael about who can prove their true love for Jane?

SNYDER URMAN: Well, I think they’re going to get it back in a surprising way, hopefully. Whether it sets them more apart or pulls them altogether is something that you’ll have to wait for Season 2 to find out. But I will say that there’s a very specific reason that the baby was taken, and there’s something specific that Sin Rostro wants.

DEADLINE: Ben, this isn’t the first time that you brought Stateside a show that’s been successful in another region and territory and adapted it for American audiences. Now that we’ve reached the end of the first season — with the acclaim, with the attention that it’s received — how did you find the process with Jane different than making a U.S. version of the UK’s The Office?

officefinalSILVERMAN: I think that they’re very different, but both are great experiences that I wish anyone could be able to have. What I also think specifically about Jane and The Office is that Jennie has created something unique here like what happened with The Office in its time when we brought it over from the UK. With the use of all of these incredibly contemporary devices onscreen, it still feels like a classic story. It’s just really genius. With The Office, we had no laugh track, single camera and pseudo-documentary, it was also hyper contemporary and of its time, brilliantly packaged for an American audience. I think that’s something I definitely connect with both.

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DEADLINE: ABC had Cristela this season, and obviously there was Ugly Betty from 2006-10 but there are still scant Latino-driven shows on the Big 4 in 2015. Why do you think this vast market is not being represented?

SILVERMAN: Jane The Virgin is for everyone, but I think in representing everyone in the world, it helps get everyone there. Both Jennie and I love the characters in this world and that they have a cultural perspective that you don’t see enough. It’s pretty awesome, and I think it kind of turns the truth of the America we live in wide and universal.

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DEADLINE: Jennie, as you go into a second season, how much are you taking from the Venezuelan original now that this show has really established its own identity Stateside?

SNYDER URMAN: I really tried to familiarize myself with the original early on, and I kept some of their plot twists that I thought raised the stakes and made things more interesting. You know, the lost sperm sample was taken from the original. But beyond those original things, we have our own characters now, and they have their own lives and they have their own drive. So our version has a totally different rhythm. The writers and I have already been working on the second season, and it’s not what the original was. We want to take it in different directions because our characters are now different and we’ve introduced different people and they have different pressures.

DEADLINE: With two men in her life and now the little one, it doesn’t feel like Jane’s going to stay a virgin much longer, with both Rafael and Michael trying to put a ring on her finger. How are you guys going to handle that when the show reaches that?

SNYDER URMAN: I can’t wait till the show reaches that point. When it does, then we have a very intertextual vocabulary on our shows that will stamp on Jane The Virgin. And then when she loses her virginity, you’ll see a line go through the Virgin and then that’ll be the title.


Alchemy Taps Execs For Tech & Operations Units; APA Signs ‘Gigi’s Bucket List’ EP Zach Golden

Alchemy has bolstered its technology and operations divisions with the hiring of Alchemy LogoJerry McGlynn as Chief Technology Officer and promotion of Jim Jenkins to EVP Operations. Daniel Quantz also has joined the company, which recently rebranded from Millennium Entertainment, as VP Operations. All of Alchemy’s IT and operations will be centralized under the three execs, who will work to develop its existing digital platform and lead strategic operational growth.

Zach Golden mugAPA has signed Zach Golden, co-creator and executive producer of IFC’s newly picked-up series Gigi’s Bucket List. The series stars David Krumholtz as a 76-year-old grandma who sets out to experience everything she deprived herself of in her younger years. The showed was spawned by, a website Golden co-created. He has directed commercials for clients such as Kodak, Yahoo, Proctor & Gamble, Nestlé and many more and written three including Dinner for Assholes.


Alicia Vikander Joins Tom Hanks in ‘The Circle’

Image Nation Abu Dhabi announced a deal to fully finance James Ponsoldt’s upcoming feature adaptation of Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle. The film will be presented by Image Nation in association with Parkes MacDonald Productions. IM Global are handling international sales on the film and will be repping it at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. US rights are being jointly repped by UTA Independent Film Group and CAA.

The feature adaptation of The Circle, has been written and will be directed by James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now). The film is being produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman for Playtone, Anthony Bregman for Likely Story, and James Ponsoldt. Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) will star alongside . Three other major roles are currently out to casting and will be announced shortly. Shooting on The Circle will start August 2015 in California.

Dave Eggers’ novel focuses on a young woman who is hired for a big job in an Internet monopoly called the Circle, which links users’ personal emails, social media, banking, and purchasing with their universal operating system, resulting in one online identity and a new age of civility and transparency. The novel turns into a contemporary thriller about the perils of life in a digital age where personal data is collected, sifted and monetized and used for surveillance, rendering privacy obsolete. This project marks the second time Tom Hanks has collaborated with Dave Eggers. Hanks also starred in the Dave Eggers’ adaptation A Hologram for the King, directed by Tom Tykwer. Here’s what Michael Garin, CEO of Image Nation, had to say in a statement.

“The Circle is a fantastic modern day thriller that shines a light on the role of the Internet and our own identities in a world of increasing transparency and privacy issues. Image Nation is thrilled to be working with the Playtone team, as well as A Likely Story and James Ponsoldt, on its next international production. Image Nation’s international projects have helped subsidize and build our local industry here in Abu Dhabi and the region, while creating opportunities for our local talent to work on large scale international productions and this film will help continue that effort.”

Walter F. Parkes of Parkes Macdonald offered his own statement.

“We have a long history with Tom Hanks and Playtone and have had the privilege of working with Tom on such projects as Catch Me If You Can, Saving Private Ryan, The Terminal and Road to Perdition. When we heard a filmmaker of James Ponsoldt’s stature was looking for financing partners for The Circle, we felt that our relationship with Image Nation put us in a unique position to help make this extraordinary project a reality.”

The Circle marks the latest project in a long-term collaboration between Image Nation and Parkes Macdonald. The two companies are also partnered on the upcoming feature documentary He Named Me Malala, directed by Academy Award-winner Davis Guggenheim, which will be released worldwide by Fox Searchlight in 2015. The film is an intimate portrait of Malala Yousafzai, who was wounded when Taliban gunmen opened fire on her and her friends’ school bus in Pakistan’s Swat Valley.

In parallel with its international activities, Image Nation has been ramping up its film and TV production output over the last year and recently wrapped its next feature film from first time feature Emirati director, Majid Al Ansari. Zinzana is set to release in the UAE this fall. The company’s documentary slate also includes Every Last Child, directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Roberts, which follows the lives of five people caught up in the current Polio crisis in Pakistan. Zeitgeist Films releases Every Last Child in the U.S. from June 3, and the film recently screened as part of the Special Presentations lineup at the Hot Docs international documentary festival in Canada. Ponsoldt is repped by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and attorneys Andrew Hurwitz and Alan Sacks at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz. Vikander is repped by UTA, Tavinstock Wood Management and Actors in Scandinavia.

The Circle is in development .


‘The Flash’ Firestorm Superhero Fight Club Poster

Almost exactly one month ago, The CW unleashed a Superhero Fight Club trailer that featured stars from both Arrow and The Flash fighting in a massive steel cage. Ever since then, the network has been releasing individual posters with each character that was featured in this unique crossover video, and today we get one more, featuring The Flash star Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond, a.k.a. Firestorm. We also see the other half of Firestorm, Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber), looking on as Ronnie showcases his fiery abilities.

This poster comes just one day before the second-to-last episode of The Flash, “Rogue Air”, debuts on Tuesday, May 12 at 8 PM ET on The CW. The episode centers on Wells (Tom Cavanagh) once again getting the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, as Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), for help. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) warn Barry that Cold can’t be trusted. True to form, Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells. As things seem to be going from bad to worse, The Flash gets reinforcements – Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell) and Firestorm (guest star Robbie Amell).

The previous trailers for “Rogue Air” show both Arrow and Firestorm standing side-by-side, marking the first time real-life cousins Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell will share the screen together. We’ll have to wait until next season to see if Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell will get to share the screen once again. Check out Firestorm’s Superhero Fight Club poster below.

The Flash Firestorm Superhero Fight Club Poster


Fox 2015-2016 Fall TV Trailers: ‘Grinder’, ‘Bordertown’, ‘Rosewood’ & More

Following Fox’s 2015-2016 lineup announcement earlier this morning, the network has released new trailers for seven of its 10 new shows, Bordertown, The Frankenstein Code, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Lucifer, Minority Report and Rosewood. The only shows that didn’t get new trailers are Scream Queens, which has already debuted a number of trailers before the upfronts, the midseason entry The Guide to Surviving Life and The X-Files, which doesn’t start production until later this summer. We’ll be sure to bring you the new trailers for these three shows as soon as they debut.

Four of these shows, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Minority Report and Rosewood are slated to debut this fall, with Bordertown, The Frankenstein Code and Lucifer being held for a midseason debut. Half-hour comedies Grandfathered and The Grinder kick off Fox’s brand new Tuesday night lineup at 8 and 8:30 PM, followed by Scream Queens which closes out the night from 9 PM to 10 PM. Minority Report will air on Monday nights at 9 PM ET, following Gotham. Rosewood will air on Wednesday nights at 8 PM ET, serving as the new lead-in for the blockbuster series Empire, which follows at 9 PM ET.

Fox has yet to announce exact premiere dates for any of these new shows quite yet, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as any official updates happen. Do you have a favorite among these new Fox programs? Check out all of the trailers below, and let us know what you think.