I Love You Daddy Trailer Teams Louis C.K. and Chloe Moretz

The Orchard has released the first trailer for I Love You Daddy, which marks comedian Louis C.K.’s first directorial outing in 16 years, since 2001′s Pootie Tang. I Love You Daddy was shot in secret earlier this year, with fans first getting word of this project when it was announced as part of the lineup at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Along with the trailer, The Orchard has released the first poster while setting the film for a limited release on November 17, before it expands nationwide on December 1.

Louis C.K.’s I Love You, Daddy is a bittersweet comedy about successful TV writer/producer Glen Topher (C.K.), who panics when his spoiled 17-year-old daughter China (Chloe Grace Moretz) starts spending time with 68-year-old Leslie Goodwin (John Malkovich), a legendary film director with a reputation for dating underage girls.

Hesitant to say no to his daughter, an action which might stem the steady stream of “I Love You, Daddy” endearments with which China manipulates her father, Glen exasperates the host of women who circle his life, including his combative ex-wife Aura (Helen Hunt), feisty ex-girlfriend Maggie (Pamela Adlon), and his long-suffering production partner Paula (Edie Falco). Caught in a writing dry spell, he distracts himself by courting glamorous movie star Grace Cullen (Rose Byrne), who is interested in playing the already-cast lead role in the upcoming TV series he hasn’t yet begun writing.

Glen’s teetering world is further upended by his interactions with Goodwin, who is both the increasing focus of China’s attentions and the revered idol who devastates Glen by appearing to dismiss him outright as a creative person. Glen’s brash TV actor buddy Ralph (Charlie Day) makes matters worse through rude observations that inflame Glen’s deepest insecurities about his daughter. The real problem, however, is that Glen isn’t sure exactly what is going on between China and Goodwin, and what he should be doing about it.

Conceived in the high style of 1940s Hollywood movies, with lustrous black and white 35mm photography and a soaring orchestral score, I Love You, Daddy blends a classic look with Louis C.K.’s raucous modern comic sensibility to tell the story of a flawed man’s struggle to connect with his daughter and get back on his feet as an artist. The supporting cast also includes Ebonee Noel, Billy K. Peterson and Souleymane Sy Savane, with Louis C.K. revealing in a recent interview that the movie was shot in secret because it was completely self-financed by the writer-director-star-producer.

The R-rated movie won’t have any competition in wide release when it expands nationwide on December 1, since there are only movies debuting in limited release on that date, including A24′s The Disaster Artist, Parade Deck Films’ Another WolfCop, Hannover House’s Daisy Winters, IFC’s Tribes of Palos Verdes and Amazon Studios’ Wonder Wheel. There is only one other movie opening in wide release the next weekend, December 8, Broad Green’s action-comedy Just Getting Started, before Disney debuts what will likely be the biggest movie of the year, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Take a look at the new trailer, courtesy of The Orchard YouTube, along with the poster below.

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<strong><em>I Love You Daddy</em></strong> Poster


Flashy New Justice League Poster Has Barry Allen Leading the Team

Another day, another new bit of marketing for Justice League. Today, we bring you another stylish poster, though, it still doesn’t feature Superman. At this point, it really does seem like Warner Bros. is going to make us wait until the movie arrives in theaters to bring the Man of Steel back, which is a pretty bold move, even though it’s the logical move. This poster does, however, have The Flash out front leading the team.

The poster was revealed by the official Justice League UK Twitter account and, aside from The Flash doing his Speedster business with a very aggressive look on his face, the poster also features Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman, all ready to fight and try to save the planet, even though they don’t have any Lanterns or Kryptonians to help them defeat all of those Parademons and Steppenwolf. All things considered, this is another nice poster for Justice League, but a poster is just a poster. We’re ready to see this movie and, more to the point, see if Justice League is actually a good movie.

Justice League sees Bruce Wayne still dealing with the death of Superman, following their battle with Doomsday at the end of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even though things seem a bit hopeless, with the help of Wonder Woman, Batman decides to assemble a team of metahumans to help stop an impending threat. Together, they recruit Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Barry Allen) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) to help save the planet, but they appear to be hopelessly outnumbered. Maybe they can get some help from a member of the Green Lantern Corps? There’s a good chance that’s something we’ll see, but Warner Bros. is trying to keep it a secret.

Much has been made of the troubles that Justice League has faced during production. The movie started filming just after Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters. At the time, nobody at Warner Bros., including director Zack Snyder, could have imagined how divisive the movie would be. However, they’ve tried to make it clear this movie will be lighter in tone and Joss Whedon did some very significant reshoots and adjustments to the script. We still don’t know if all of that made for a good movie, but we’ll know soon enough.

Reviews haven’t yet arrived online for Justice League, which hits theaters on November 17, but the movie has officially been rated PG-13 and screenings should start happening soon. That means we’ll get the first reactions sooner rather than later and we’ll have some idea of how excited we should be, or if we need to temper our expectations a bit. In the meantime, be sure to check out this new poster, courtesy of the Justice League UK Twitter account, for yourself below.

Justice for all.

Justice League (@justiceleagueuk) October 18, 2017


Death Race 4 Trailer Brings Frankenstein Back from Hell

The stakes are higher than ever in the intense action-adventure Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, arriving Unrated and Unhinged on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, Digital and On Demand January 30, 2018, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, in association with Impact Pictures/Chestnut Productions. The wildly anticipated next installment of the popular Death Race franchise, this Universal 1440 Entertainment original production brings fans along for the deadliest competition on wheels, where brutal fights and explosive car races abound. An action-packed thrill ride, this all-new movie is the grittiest and bloodiest installment yet!

Franchise newcomers Zach McGowan (Black Sails) and Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) join returning Death Race fan favorites Danny Trejo (Machete) and Fred Koehler (American Horror Story). Death Race: Beyond Anarchy also features talented actors Christine Marzano (Rules Don’t Apply), Terence Maynard (Edge of Tomorrow) and Velislav Pavlov (The Expendables 2).

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital, includes exclusive bonus features that take viewers deeper into the intense world of Death Race, with special behind-the-scenes footage and filmmaker commentary. Additionally, Death Race: Complete 4-Movie Collection will also available on DVD on January 30, 2017. Now fans can experience the glory of all four movies in one complete must-own set including, Death Race, Death Race 2, Death Race 3: Inferno and the all-new movie Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.

The bonus features exclusive to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital include Inside the Anarchy, where filmmakers and cast describe how this chapter of the Death Race franchise stands out from the rest. From new locations, to a fleet of new cars, to a new star in Zach McGowan, see why Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is the deadliest Death Race yet! There is also Time Served: Lists & Goldberg, where fans can hear Death Race franchise veterans Fred Koehler and Danny Trejo discuss what it’s like to be back playing Lists and Goldberg, and how their characters have changed. The bonus features are rounded out with On the Streets of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, where director Don Michael Paul and cast explain how the stunt work gave the production a uniquely energetic feel. There is also Feature Commentary with Director/Co-Writer Don Michael Paul and Star Zach McGowan.

Danny Trejo returns as the ruthless bookie, Goldberg, in Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, the wildest, bloodiest, Death Race ever. After a failed attack on inmate and legendary driver, Frankenstein, Black Ops specialist Connor Gibson (McGowan) infiltrates a super-maximum federal prison with one goal, enter the immoral and illegal Death Race and take Frankenstein down. Connor enlists the help of Baltimore Bob (Glover) and Lists (Koehler), and unexpectedly falls in love with bartending beauty, Jane (Marzano). Connor will have to fight for more than his life in this brutal world of no guards, no rules, no track, and no fear.

Strap yourself in for an insane thrill ride inside in the Death Race 4-Movie Collection featuring an all-star cast including Jason Statham, Danny Glover, Tyrese Gibson, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Zach McGowan. Death Race is the brutal racing sport, where hardened criminals and smoking-hot navigators drive to survive or die trying. Packed with incredible stunts and brutal fight scenes, get ready for the non-stop barrage of high-octane thrills that will leave you pinned to your seat! The collection includes Death Race, Death Race 2, Death Race 3: Inferno, and Death Race: Beyond Anarchy. Take a look at the new trailer and artwork for Death Race: Beyond Anarchy, courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Death Race Beyond Anarchy


Infinity War Prequel Comic Reveals New Avengers 3 Logo

Next year, Marvel Studios is going to celebrate their 10th anniversary in a huge way with Avengers: Infinity War. The movie is going to be the culmination of everything that has happened up to this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, most importantly, we’re finally getting Thanos for more than just a few, frustrating seconds. Now, a brand new logo for Avengers: Infinity War has been revealed.

The new logo for Avengers 3 comes to us from the new Marvel Comics January solicitations. In those solicitations, it was revealed that the publisher will release an official Avengers: Infinity War prelude comic. The cover of the comic was revealed in the solicitation and, on the cover, we see the brand new logo for the highly-anticipated Avengers movie. The logo, in itself, isn’t incredibly revealing, but it’s slick and serves as a reminder that this movie isn’t all that far away. In addition to the new logo for Avengers: Infinity War, a synopsis for the prelude comic was also revealed which, in itself, is pretty interesting. Here’s the synopsis for the Avengers: Infinity War prelude.

“When a terrorist puts the Avengers at odds, Captain America and The Winter Soldier go rogue to find him, but Iron Man isn’t far behind. Will the Avengers survive the fallout? Then, find out where Captain America, the Falcon and the Black Widow are headed next, because the world needs heroes, whether it wants them or not. And get a sneak peek at Tony Stark’s brand-new armor! Get ready for Marvel’s The Avengers: Infinity War in part 1 of this special prelude!”

There are a few things to note about that synopsis. For one, it makes no mention of Thanos and really doesn’t even hint at his impending fight with The Avengers. On the other hand, it does give some insight into the events that transpire after Captain America: Civil War. Who is this terrorist? Are Tony and Cap still going to be at odds even though they kind of squared things away at the end of Civil War? How will this actually tie into Avengers: Infinity War? Lots of questions, but no less interesting.

Marvel has been regularly releasing these prelude comics, with varying degrees of actual significance. The Spider-Man: Homecoming prelude comic did little to help set up the movie and served as more of a rehash of a familiar Spider-Man story. On the other hand, the Doctor Strange prelude gave some excellent insight into Kaicilius’ motivations as a villain. When it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, they seem to be playing things pretty close to the chest, so it probably won’t reveal too much.

Even though it’s just a new logo, seeing anything for Avengers: Infinity War at this point is good for the general public. Since Marvel still hasn’t released the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which is vaguely coming “soon,” according to those in charge, this new logo and info on the prelude comic from Newsrama will have to do. Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018. Be sure to check out the new logo on the cover of the Avengers: Infinity War prelude comic for yourself below.

Avengers Infinity War Prequel Comic


Deadpool 2 Shoot Left Josh Brolin Beat-Up and Ready for X-Force

Ryan Reynolds took to social media over the weekend to officially announce that Deadpool 2 had finished filming, leaving many to wonder when X-Force was going to start production. In a recent interview with Collider, Josh Brolin, who stars as Cable in Deadpool 2 and X-Force, revealed that production for X-Force could begin a lot sooner than anticipated, but added that everything could be contingent on how well the Deadpool sequel performs at the box office. The actor also elaborated on how physically demanding working on the set of the sequel was on his body and says that he was “beat to sh!t” by stunt performers.

It was announced late this summer that Drew Goddard had signed on to write and direct the X-Force movie and now Josh Brolin has said that the movie could begin filming as early as next year. Brolin also mentioned that he’s locked in to play Cable in the movie and he certainly seems pumped to play the character again. If the movie does go into production next year, we could end up seeing X-Force as early as 2019. Brolin had this to say.

“I think (X-Force films) sometime next year or soon thereafter. It depends. It all depends. It depends on how Deadpool 2 does, but I don’t think that’s a make or break kind of deal. Drew Goddard is already involved in it. He’s into it now. I know he and Ryan were meeting. I’ve met him once, and so this is all kind of going ahead. How it goes ahead, I know that they’re preparing, and I know that it’s something that I’m set to do.”

Though Josh Brolin seems to be careful with his words, it looks like X-Force will begin filming when Drew Goddard is finished with his current project, Bad Times at El Royale. Deadpool 2 already has a crazy excitement behind it and it’s really hard to imagine that it will be a box office failure, but stranger things have happened. Brolin went on to say.

“When it happens they’re going to put it as fast as they can. I think Drew Goddard is doing his movie right now and then once he’s kind of wrapped up with that and this movie comes out I think we’ll be ready to start the other one.”

Deadpool came out and smashed box office records for an R-rated comic book movie and the sequel is hotly anticipated, to put it lightly. The addition of Cable and Domino are huge draws, but Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin have promised any even funnier movie than the first and now Brolin is saying that Deadpool 2 has more action than the first installment as well.

While talking about Deadpool 2 being an introduction to Cable, Josh Brolin also talked about the physical demands that the project had on his body. Fans of Cable and Brolin may have noticed his intense training regimen that the actor went through to get into shape to play the character. If that wasn’t enough, Brolin said that he still has injuries lingering from the set of Deadpool 2. He explains.

“The tease is, a guy who’s 49 years old on the cusp of 50 who got in the best shape of his life, especially exteriorly, and I was extremely disciplined throughout that whole thing. I got beat to sh!t on that movie. That’s all I know. I had stuntmen throwing me all over the place. I’ve got a shoulder issue, I’ve got a knee issue that I’ve got to deal with now, but we got through it. We got through it. I pushed hard and I suffered because of it.”

Deadpool 2 is shaping up to be even funnier and more action packed than the first movie, according to Josh Brolin and X-Force could start filming as early as 2018. Brolin’s enthusiasm for the project is evident and he’s clearly looking forward to telling more of Cable’s backstory on the big screen. You can check out the rest of the interview with Josh Brolin courtesy of Collider.


Venom Movie to Update Classic Marvel Comics Storyline?

Sony’s Venom movie, set to be the first of their Spider-Man spin-offs that exist within their own cinematic universe, is getting ready for production. While we’ve heard a lot of casting news, we haven’t heard much in the way of story. How on Earth is this Venom movie going to work? It looks like we may have our answer. Venom may very well be adapting a classic 90s Marvel Comics storyline that sees the titular character becoming a hero in San Francisco.

According to a new report, the Venom movie is going to adapt the Venom: Lethal Protector storyline. Specifically, the first arc of the Venom solo series. The book does see Eddie Brock venture out on his own and do some good for once, which seems to fit what Sony wants to do with this movie, but there are some major elements of the story that would need to be changed. Here’s a summary of the events in the Lethal Protector storyline.

“Before the story begins, Venom makes an agreement with Spider-Man that they will leave each other alone, on the condition that Venom commits no crimes. Venom then moves from New York City to San Francisco and takes up with a group of Californian mole people. Shortly thereafter the father of one of Venom‘s victims seeks him out with a group of super-powered mercenaries to take revenge. Spider-Man, seeing misleading coverage of Venom on television, heads to San Francisco to confront him and instead winds up fighting alongside Venom against five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.”

There’s a lot to dig into there. For one, Spider-Man plays a huge role in Lethal Protector, and we already know that he’s not going to appear in the movie. So that element would have to be removed almost entirely. Also, the book features a group of mercenaries known as The Jury. The tech in their suits is based on Tony Stark designs and, since Venom won’t be part of the MCU, that would likely have to change as well. And the whole mole people thing is just kind of weird.

All of that aside, a loose adaptation of Lethal Protector makes some sense. The report notes that the production will shoot, at least partially, in San Francisco, which is where this particular story takes place. It’s been reported that Carnage is going to be the main villain of this movie. It’s possible that they could change one of these other symbiote enemies into Carnage to have him factor into the movie. So there’s definitely a way to make this work.

Venom, which is being directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), is set to arrive on October 5, 2018, with Tom Hardy set to star as Eddie Brock/Venom. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, but the small production details that Omega Underground have uncovered do point to a Lethal Protector adaptation. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as more information on the project is made available.


Wonder Woman Launches Oscar Campaign

Warner Bros. finally got their DCEU superhero universe back on track with Wonder Woman, which has become not only one of the highest-grossing movies ($412.4 million domestic) of the year, but also one of the most critically-acclaimed (92% on Rotten Tomatoes) as well. There had been a report from late July that claimed Warner Bros. was planning a Wonder Woman Oscar campaign, and now that has been confirmed, with the studio launching an official “for your consideration” website for Wonder Woman, along with three more potential Oscar contenders, Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 and Chris McKay’s The LEGO Batman Movie.

The studio only has three more movies coming out this year, with this weekend’s disaster thriller Geostorm, Justice League (November 17) and the comedy Father Figures (December 22), so it seems that Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049 and The LEGO Batman Movie represent the studio’s best chance for taking home some little gold men. It’s possible that Justice League may be added to this “for your consideration” list if it turns out to be just as big of a commercial and critical hit as Wonder Woman, which was the DCEU’s first Fresh movie on Rotten Tomatoes, but that remains to be seen at this time.

The website includes a number of screenings at various locations throughout Los Angeles starting next week and running through Christmas Day, with other screenings set for Oscar voters in New York, San Francisco and London as well. The site also lists the specific awards the studio is campaigning for, including Best Picture, Best Director (Patty Jenkins), Best Adapted Screenplay (Allan Heinberg, Story By Zack Snyder & Allan Heinberg and Jason Fuchs), Best Actress (Gal Gadot), Best Supporting Actress (Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Elena Anaya), Best Supporting Actor (Chris Pine, David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Ewen Bremner), Best Cinematography (Matthew Jensen, ASC), Best Production Design (Aline Bonetto, Production Designer, Anna Lynch-Robinson, Set Decorator), Best Film Editing (Martin Walsh), Best Costume Design (Lindy Hemming), Best Visual Effects (Bill Westenhoffer, Visual Effects Supervisor, Frazer Churchill, Additional Visual Effects Supervisor, Alex Wutke, Visual Effects Supervisor, Mark Holt, Special Effects Supervisor), Best Sound Mixing (Chris Munro, AMPS, CAS, Production Sound Mixer, Chris Burdon, Gilbert Lake, Re-Recording Mixers), Best Sound Editing (James H. Mather), Best Makeup and Hairstyling (Christine Blundell) and Best Original Score (Rupert Gregson-Williams).

The website mentions that Wonder Woman should be considered for all categories, but those aforementioned 15 categories are the ones singled out by the studio. Since superhero movies traditionally don’t fare well during awards season, Wonder Woman is the rare summer blockbuster that is just as universally beloved as it was successful, while helping get Warner Bros.’ DCEU back on track. The studio also tried to mount a similar Oscar campaign for another summer blockbuster, Mad Max: Fury Road, and while it was nominated for 10 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for George Miller, it was shut out of the main awards, although it did win six Oscars in technical categories.

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. When an American pilot crashes off their island paradise, she learns of a massive conflict raging in the outside world. Convinced she can stop the threat, Diana leaves home to fight alongside men in the war to end all wars. As she leads the charge, her unflagging sense of justice and compassion for humankind not only bring faith to their cause, but allow her to discover her full powers along the way, revealing her true destiny as a hero born of hope, courage and humanity. With most of the major Oscar contenders still yet to be released in theaters, it will be interesting to see if Wonder Woman continues to hold up as an Oscar contender. You can visit for information on awards consideration screenings.


MyNetworkTV Renewed By Fox TV Stations Through 2019-20 Season

Fox Television Stations has extended the MyNetworkTV programming service for two additional years, through the 2019-20 season.

MyNetworkTV, whose lineup consists of 10 hours a week (Monday-Friday) of drama series and newsmagazine reruns, airs on the Fox stations in each of the top 3 markets, including New York (WWOR My9), Los Angeles (KCOP My13), and Chicago (WPWR My50). Additional markets include Dallas (KDFI My27), D.C. (WDCA My20), Houston (KTXH My20), Phoenix (KUTP My45), Minneapolis (WFTC My29), Orlando (WRBW My65), and Charlotte (WMYT MyTV12).

For the current 2017-18 season, MyNetworkTV, which started off with original soaps before switching to lower-cost off-network programming, is cleared across 181 markets representing over 97% of the country.

Here is the 2017-18 schedule, which launched on September 25:

8:00- 9:00 p.m. — “Law & Order: SVU”
9:00- 10:00 p.m. — “Law & Order: SVU”

8:00- 9:00 p.m. — “The X-Files”
9:00- 10:00 p.m. — “The X-Files”

8:00- 9:00 p.m. — “Dateline”
9:00- 10:00 p.m. — “Dateline”

8:00- 9:00 p.m. — “Law & Order: CI”
9:00- 10:00 p.m. — “Law & Order: CI”

8:00- 9:00 p.m. — “American Ninja Warrior”
9:00- 10:00 p.m. — “American Ninja Warrior”

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