July 4, 2017: This Week on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD

Find out what's hitting DVD and Blu-ray July 4, 2017. Which of the July 4 releases will you be picking up?

Check out a behind the scenes clip from The Zookeeper’s Wife, on DVD and Blu-ray July 4

With the July 4 holiday, it’s a quieter week than most when it comes to home entertainment releases. Nevertheless, we’re pleased to kick off this week’s column with a special look behind the scenes at one of today’s recent big screen releases, The Zookeeper’s Wife. From director Niki Caro, the film stars two-time Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain as Antonina Zabinski, a woman who, alongside her husband, looked after the Warsaw Zoo and managed to save hundreds of people and animals during the German invasion. In the player below, you can explore Chastain’s on set relationship with her animal costars.

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Other recent big screen releases coming home July 4 include Terrence Malick’s latest, Song to Song, and the comedy drama The Comedian, starring Robert De Niro.

Michael Caine headlines A Shock to the System, the 1990 comedy that this week joins Shout! Factory‘s Shout! Select line. Meanwhile, the 1980 thriller Windows gets the Blu-ray treatment as part of the company’s Scream Factory label.

A series of Bob Hope catalogue titles debuts this week. Be on the lookout for the comedies My Favorite Brunette (1947), Road to Rio (1947), The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) and Road to Bali (1952). Meanwhile, two animated catalogue titles find a home on Blu-ray with An American Tale: Fievel Goes West and Balto.

Small screen titles coming home July 4 include the second season of the NBC comedy Superstore and a complete series DVD box set for the 90s police procedural Homicide: Life on the Streets.

Titles hitting Digital HD July 4 include the Armenian genocide drama The Promise, the animated family comedy The Boss Baby and Ben Wheatley’s star-studded shoot em up, Free Fire. The manga adaptation Ghost in the Shell, meanwhile, debuts digitally this Friday, July 7.

You can check out cover art for all the July 4, 2017 releases in the gallery viewer below alongside a listing of each release’s special features (where applicable).


New International The Dark Tower Posters

New International The Dark Tower Posters

New international The Dark Tower posters

Two new international posters for Sony PicturesThe Dark Tower have come online and can be viewed in the gallery below. What do you think of the new Dark Tower posters? Let us know in the !

There are other worlds than these. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, the ambitious and expansive story from one of the world’s most celebrated authors, makes its launch to the big screen. The last Gunslinger, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.

Elba and McConaughey are joined in The Dark Tower by Tom Taylor, Claudia Kim, Fran Kranz, Abbey Lee, and Jackie Earle Haley. The film is directed by Nikolaj Arcel (A Royal Affair) from a script by Akiva Goldsman & Jeff Pinkner and Anders Thomas Jensen & Nikolaj Arcel. The producers are Akiva Goldsman, Ron Howard, and Erica Huggins. G. Mac Brown is executive producing.

The Dark Tower book series tells the story of Roland Deschain, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who is traveling southeast across Mid-World’s post-apocalyptic landscape, searching for the powerful but elusive magical edifice known as The Dark Tower. Located in the fey region of End-World, amid a sea of singing red roses, the Dark Tower is the nexus point of the time-space continuum.  It is the heart of all worlds, but it is also under threat. Someone, or something, is using the evil technology of the Great Old Ones to destroy it.

The Dark Tower is coming to theaters on August 4, 2017.


8 Non-Horror Movies from Legendary Horror Directors

8 Non-Horror Movies from Legendary Horror Directors

A look at 8 non-horror movies made by famous horror movie directors

Genre is a funny thing, an easily thrown-around marketing term that exhibitors and distributors perpetuated to easily sell their movies. But it’s a meaningless word, really. I mean, how do you define a genre? What are the rules?

Truth is, there are no rules and really, the very idea of genre probably does more harm than good when it comes to the actual men and women who work in cinema and whose aim is – or should be — to create good art. Not product, art. This is true particularly when it comes to horror. Because when a director makes a horror film and if that horror film is a hit, then he or she is chained to that genre for life.

But a good horror movie is a good movie first. Look at the iconic horror pictures. The Exorcist is a character piece about a mother trying to make sense of her daughter’s illness. The Omen is about a family man refusing to believe his child could be a bad seed. Night of the Living Dead is about how civilization breaks down internally under external pressure. Jaws is about a man confronting his fears as much as it is a geek show about a killer fish. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre… okay, well that’s about a guy in a flesh mask carving up human meat, but it’s a film whose classic status rests on the fact that it’s a work of great craft and dark humor with not-to-subtle social commentary.

The point is, all the people who made these great works of commercial and artistic horror are locked into horror history. But many of these auteurs also made other kinds of films that didn’t rely on torrents of gore and abstract, supernatural frissons and many of them are among their makers best works, despite the fact that most of these pictures made only a fraction of the money their gruesome counterparts made, thus dooming these artists to the “horror ghetto” forever.

Here, we look at 8 major names in horror who also made at least one non-horror film that, despite its quality, never sits high on their respective resumes, for whatever reason.


Preacher Episode 2.03 Annotations: Finding God in New Orleans Bars

Preacher Episode 2.03 Annotations: Finding God in New Orleans Bars

Preacher Episode 2.03 annotations: Finding God in New Orleans bars

Welcome back brothers and sisters to our weekly feature, the Preacher Book Club, where we talk about the latest episode of AMC‘s Preacher, dissecting the episode at hand, annotating the changes made from the Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic book series and attempting to predict about what will be coming next. So let’s dive right into our thoughts and annotations on Preacher Episode 2.03!

Eugene in Hell

As I pointed out last season, Eugene’s origin story for how he became “Arseface” is quite different in the series than in the comic. We see it fleshed out more here than before, where it was mostly spoken in whispers. The idyllic and all around good kid Eugene runs to the aid of his crush, Tracy, who is planning on committing suicide because she merely heard about her boyfriend cheating on her. Eugene talks her down, but when he makes a move and kisses her, that pushes her back over the edge and she tries to take her life. Eugene, seeing no way out of this situation, attempts the same.

In the comic books, Eugene is a rebellious teenager that loves grunge and rock music, idolizing Kurt Cobain. He and his friend decide to end their lives in the same manner as their hero, and while Eugene’s friend succeeds, he does not. This event, however, forces Eugene to rethink his appraoch to life and results in him having a unbreakable optimism, kind of like how Eugene seems before his accident in the show. Desipte all the changes, I think this version of Eugene still very much feels within the tone of Preacher to me.

Mary Poppins in The Sound of Music

Mary Poppins was not in The Sound of Music, and she never said “When God closes a door he opens a window.”



In the show, Hell appears to be an unending concrete hallway full of cells that make the occupants relive their worst memories. Hell is only briefly seen in the Preacher comics (exclusively in the Saint of Killers origin series) where it has a much more traditional depiction of Hell (fire and brimstone and all that), so this a slight departure but one that makes sense if we’re going to be seeing this location a lot (I think we will).

Now leaving Texas

This shot of our trio leaving Texas is a damn near perfect recreation of the last panel in Issue #7 right down to the graffiti of “Your loss dipsh*t” on the sign.


The character that Cassidy shacks up with isn’t from the source material. What they could be setting up here, maybe, is Cassidy’s extensive history of making friends and quickly destroying their lives in his quest to get high and have fun. Or maybe not!

The singer at the bar

Jesse meeting a mysterious singer at the bar doesn’t happen in the comics, but what does happen is when we learn the identity of the singer. She’s not some dream, sultry woman behind the mic, she’s actually Agent Featherstone of The Grail. The Grail, as she points out, is a “super secret, crypto-religious facist organization with designs on total world domination.” Once Featherstone takes off her wig, we meet another prominent member of The Grail from the comics, Hoover, who also posed as the bartender that lead Jesse to Featherstone.


Come see Angelville

Jesse has a pretty shocking revelation later when he sees this poster, adverstising the home of the L’Angell clan, his mother’s side of the family. It’s also worth pointing out that the same tattoo on his back (and Jody’s arm, as seen in the first season) appears on the poster.

And then there’s Hitler

Well, I never expected to be writing that sentence, but honestly if there is a character that should have been in Preacher that wasn’t, it’s Hitler. There were characters in the comics that were pretty big fans of Hitler, but the fella himself never did appear. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t actor Noah Tyler’s first time playing Hitler, as he appeared in the movie Max with John Cusack as a young version of the dictator before he fully became a genocidal maniac.

Herr Starr

In most cases, Hitler would probably be considered “The Big Man,” but here it’s none other than Herr Starr. The series-long villain in the comics was briefly teased in the first season but now he’s here and played by none other than Pip Torrens. Herr Starr leads the grail, and though they have plans of their own, he has ulterior motives that I don’t necessarily want to ruin here, but they involve Jesse. So a file with Custer’s name on it sitting on his desk is of great significance to the series.

[embedded content]

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New Ozark Holiday Tease Featuring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

New Ozark Holiday Tease Featuring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

New Ozark holiday tease featuring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney

Netflix has debuted a holiday teaser for Ozark, the drama series starring Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, The Gift) and Laura Linney (The Truman Show, The Savages). You can watch the new Ozark promo below!

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A Chicago financial advisor, who has been quietly laundering money for a drug kingpin, must quickly uproot his family and move the operation to The Ozarks, after his partner is caught cheating the business. There, he bumps heads with both a local drug dealer whose business he inadvertently interrupts, and a clan of ruffians, led by their 19-year-old niece, who want his money, all the while avoiding the eye of a tenacious FBI agent. He must complete his laundering, to save the life of his family, as they struggle to find their own path in this seemingly foreign way of life.

The Netflix original series Ozark stars Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Julia Garner, Jordana Spiro, Jason Butler Harner, Esai Morales, Peter Mullan and Lisa Emery. Ozark is directed by Jason Bateman, Daniel Sackheim, Ellen Kuras and Andrew Bernstein.

The series is produced by Patrick Markey, and executive produced by Jason Bateman, Chris Mundy, Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. Ozark is a production of Media Rights Capital and Aggregate Films.

Ozark debuts on Netflix on July 21.

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Sands of Jakku: First Star Wars Forces of Destiny Episode Online

Sands of Jakku: First Star Wars Forces of Destiny Episode Online

Sands of Jakku: First Star Wars Forces of Destiny episode online

Disney and Lucasfilm have released the first Star Wars Forces of Destiny animated short, titled Sands of Jakku and featuring Rey (Daisy Ridley) and BB-8! You can watch Sands of Jakku using the player below.

Developed by Lucasfilm Animation, Star Wars Forces of Destiny remain true to the Star Wars canon, showing how choices both big and small ultimately shape the destinies of beloved characters. The animated micro-series will be available on Disney YouTube ahead of a two-part TV special featuring eight additional shorts on Disney Channel in fall 2017. Fans will be delighted to hear familiar voices in the series, including: Daisy Ridley (Rey), Felicity Jones (Jyn), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) and Lupita Nyong’o (Maz Kanata).

Star Wars Forces of Destiny will also be supported by global product extensions, such as books, apparel, bedding, and toys – including the new line of ‘Adventure Figures’ created by Hasbro, which bridges the gap between traditional action figures and dolls. Each individually-designed figure features dynamic action, like Rey swinging her lightsaber, along with multiple points of articulation to help recreate the characters’ adventures and heroic moments with different poses.

“From Princess Leia to Sabine Wren, Star Wars heroines are unique, and we wanted to represent that in the product line for Star Wars Forces of Destiny,” said Jimmy Pitaro, Chairman, Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, when the series was first announced. “The result is the creation of our new ‘Adventure Figures’ that celebrate the power and stories of these incredible characters and allow kids to recreate their most heroic moments at home.”

What do you think of Sands of Jakku? Let us know your thoughts in the below!

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Robert Downey Jr. Talks Potentially Leaving the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Potentially Leaving the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. talks potentially leaving the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. is playing the role of Tony Stark for the eighth time in next weekend’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, and currently looking to break Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine record with a 9th and 10th appearance in the Russo brothers’ two currently-lensing Avengers movies. However, the Iron Man legend is adding fuel to the fire that those next two Avengers outings may be his last as ol’ shellhead by telling Australia’s that he could hang up the suit soon.

“It’s this cyclical thing,” Downey says. “I could have said when the first ‘Avengers’ came out: ‘It’s never going to get any better than that. Everybody stop’. But to me it’s always about people and opportunities, like the Russos, who I adore. Everyone says to me it’s like a glove that fits so well. I have to start over every time but I am starting over with a pretty solid base. I just never want to blow it for the last six or seven [MCU movies] I have done by dropping the ball because I decided to go do it one more time. I just want to hang up my jersey before it’s embarrassing.”

While Marvel Cinematic Universe head honcho Kevin Feige has already confirmed that several prominent characters will perish during their fight against Thanos in the upcoming Avengers flicks, it remains a possibility that Downey’s Tony Stark could still find his way back in somehow. After all, word on the street is that Downey only filmed for three days to complete his part in Homecoming, which was cleverly spread out over the film’s runtime to give Stark more of a presence.

A young Peter Parker / Spider-Man (Tom Holland), who made his sensational debut in Captain America: Civil War, begins to navigate his newfound identity as the web-slinging super hero in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thrilled by his experience with the Avengers, Peter returns home, where he lives with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei), under the watchful eye of his new mentor Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.). Peter tries to fall back into his normal daily routine – distracted by thoughts of proving himself to be more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man – but when the Vulture (Michael Keaton) emerges as a new villain, everything that Peter holds most important will be threatened.

Spider-Man: Homecoming also stars Zendaya, Jon Favreau, Donald Glover and Tyne Daly.

Directed by Jon WattsSpider-Man: Homecoming was written by Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley, Jon Watts & Christopher Ford, and Chris McKenna & Erik Sommers. The film is produced by Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, and executive produced by Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Patricia Whitcher, Jeremy Latcham, and Stan Lee.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing into theaters on July 7. A sequel is already scheduled for July 5, 2019, and Tom Holland recently confirmed a third film is also in the works.


Game of Thrones Season 8 Could Have Feature-Length Episodes

Game of Thrones Season 8 Could Have Feature-Length Episodes

Game of Thrones Season 8 could have feature length episodes

The seventh season of Game of Thrones is still two weeks from appearing on TVs around the world, but the eighth and final season is still on the horizon. We know already that there’s the possibility it may not return until 2019, but some news out of this weekend’s Con of Thrones might make that extended wait worth it. Series sound designer Paula Fairfield spoke at a panel at the convention (via Vanity Fair) and noted, in addition to the 82-minute Season 7 finale, this year, the show’s producers are considering feature-length episodes for Game of Thrones Season 8.

Fairfield just said the Season 7 finale of GAME OF THRONES will be 82 mins. Final season they’re considering making each ep feature length!

— David Chen (@davechensky) July 1, 2017

Game of Thrones Season 8 is slated to have just six episodes as the closing chapter, but the possibility of an extended run time for each could make up for the shortened season. There’s still plenty of development time for the final episodes of the series, however, and plans could possibly change surrounding the final stretch.

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At the end of last season, Daenerys’ (Emilia Clarke) dragons and her immense army were finally on the way to Westeros, where Cersei (Lena Headey) has now become Queen after the death of her children. The Night King’s (Vladimir Furdik in Season 6) army is heading south, and a battle appears to be imminent.

The show is based on the novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. Last season, however, the TV series moved past the point where the books have stalled.

It was also recently revealed that the new Game of Thrones season will over both the longest and shortest episodes of the show to date. Two season seven episodes are said to exceed 60 minutes in addition to the planned 82-minute finale. A shorter, 50-minute episode will also air.

The executive producers of Game of Thrones Season 7 are David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Carolyn Strauss, Frank Doelger and Bernadette Caulfield; co-executive producers are Guymon Casady, Vince Gerardis, George R.R. Martin and Bryan Cogman; and producers are Chris Newman, Greg Spence and Lisa McAtackney.

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