Why Freddy Got Fingered Isn’t the Bomb Everyone Remembers

At the height of his fame, Tom Green was allowed to make his first standalone movie as a leading man. But by all accounts, 2001′s Freddy Got Fingered was a substantial bomb, and decimated his future in film. Case in point, he hasn’t been in one for a long while. But as Tom Green sees it, the movie didn’t bomb. In fact, according to him, it was a financial success and could have done a lot better in theaters had it not be rated R. He has his own theory on why the numbers weren’t bigger. He places the blame on Crocodile Dundee.

People probably haven’t been thinking much about Freddy Got Fingered. It enjoys its own limited cult cache, and it made the news in early 2016, when a man was arrested for not returning his VHS rental of the asinine comedy after 14 years. But the movie has pretty much fallen into the dustbin of history.

Tom Green, who is currently doing a residency gig as a stand-up comedian in Las Vegas, which pulls in big crowds, knows why the movie didn’t do better. But at that, he wants to point out to everyone that the movie was never a bomb, and made more than it’s budget back. He goes onto say this.

“It made $14 million at the box office, okay? Which basically means that it actually made its budget money back. But there was also a pretty scientific understanding that all of my fans were buying tickets to Crocodile Dundee and then sneaking into my movie because it was R-rated. You literally couldn’t get a seat in a theater where my movie was playing that opening weekend. All over Los Angeles the theaters were packed. A lot of things about the way people write about that Freddy Got Fingered are unfair. The movie cost $14 million to produce and it made $14 million in its opening weekend and it made over $25 million on DVD and video. So it was a totally profitable movie even when you include the ten million dollars in promotion that the studio put into it. That’s a wildly financial success story for a comedy movie. And people say, “The movie bombed.” It didn’t actually, you know?”

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles was the third movie in the franchise, and it pulled in $7.7 million when it opened against Freddy Got Fingered on April 20, 2001. Yes, that’s Four-Twenty, the doper’s holiday for anyone keeping score. Freddy Got Fingered pulled in $7 million during its debut, half of its domestic box office of $14.2 million. The movie didn’t fare well overseas at all, pulling in just $78,259, for a grand global take of $14.3 million. Interestingly enough, Those two movies were number 4 and 5 at the box office that weekend, opening against previously released movies Along Came a Spider, which was also R-rated, the family movie Spy Kids, which some Tom Green fans could have also snuck into, and Bridget Jones’s Diary, which hit number one for its third week in release. That movie, too, was rated R. So you can see why Tom Green is pointing to Crocodile Dundee for the spillover.

Though, the comedian was asked if he has proof that Crocodile Dundee hosted all of these Tom Green fans, giving them cover to see his adult-themed fare. He says this.

Well, everybody tells me that. I remember everyone at the studio was talking about it back then: that Crocodile Dundee dramatically over-performed. But listen, I don’t want to get into a diss war with Paul Hogan. I don’t want to start a great Australian-Canadian diss war. I’m happy to give him credit where credit is due. But even if you look at the numbers that were reported, Freddy Got Fingered is not the failure that people like to say it is.

The true part of this story is that Crododile Dundee 3 did majorly over perform at the box office that weekend. The franchise had been dormant for a long time, and people weren’t that interested in Paul Hogan’s comedy, yet it pulled in some bigger than expected numbers that opening weekend. Freddy Got Fingered was Tom Green’s director debut. It got some of the worst reviews any movie has ever gotten up to that point in time. Roger Ebert had this to say about it at the time of its release, which is pretty classic in its own right.

“This movie doesn’t scrape the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t the bottom of the barrel. This movie isn’t below the bottom of the barrel. This movie doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence with barrels.”

Freddy Got Fingered currently has a Metacritic score of 13, and an 11% Rotten score over on Rotten Tomatoes. Some younger audiences are continuing to discover Freddy Got Fingered, but it has never reached something like John Waters’ status, only because there is so much weird stuff that has been launched in it’s wake. Some think the movie is vastly underrated. A few have called it a ‘secretive masterpiece’. While a large majority have simply called it unwatchable. You can check out the trailer below. If you’ve never seen it, perhaps you should before that rogue planet hits us this weekend, wiping us all out with its earthquakes. Though, we’re sure there are more quality ways to spend your time. This story comes to us courtesy of Vulture.

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AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Passes Away at 64

For those about to rock, we salute you. Malcolm Young, founding member of AC/DC and brother to lead guitarist Angus Young, has passed away at the age of 64. Malcolm suffered through dementia and cancer for the last years of his life and has not toured or recorded with the band since 2008′s Black Ice. Malcolm Young was the band’s rhythm guitar player and is responsible for many of AC/DC’s best-known songs that have topped the charts as well as helped launch movies into the top of the box office with his contributions to soundtracks.

In a statement on the Malcolm Young’s Facebook, his family said, “Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many.” While the statement is accurate, it also underscores just how amazing Malcolm Young really was. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Last Action Hero was a box office bomb, but the soundtrack was a triumph on the Billboard rock charts, thanks to AC/DC’s hit song “Big Gun,” which appeared in the movie as well as the soundtrack. Young was an understated, quiet musician who is responsible for some of the best known guitar riffs in music history.

News spread of Malcolm Young’s passing through the band’s official website and since has seen an outpouring of tributes to the late guitarist. AC/DC’s official site reads.

“Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band. As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. “He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed.”

He died peacefully on Saturday with his family nearby, according to reports. Young will be remembered for his powerful rhythm guitar riffs that were instrumental in propelling the Sydney heavy rock group to stardom. The three Young brothers have been part of AC/DC’s history, including lead guitarist Angus. Producer George Young died in October of this year.

Malcolm Young was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on Jan. 6th, 1953, and formed AC/DC with brother Angus Young in Sydney, Australia in 1973. The band’s debut album, High Voltage, came in 1975, starting a long run as one of the world’s top hard rock bands. The Young Brothers were credited as co-writers on every song recorded by AC/DC. Their stadium-sized, anthemic rock included a number of classics that have been featured in many TV shows and on movie soundtracks, including “You Shook Me All Night Long”, “Back in Black,” “Highway to Hell”, and many more. In 2010, Through a unique collaboration between Marvel Studios and Columbia Records, AC/DC’s music was featured in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2, the sequel to the 2008 blockbuster film. Columbia Records released the album AC/DC: Iron Man 2 on Monday, April 19, 2010. The album featured 15 classic AC/DC songs selected from ten of the band’s studio albums, ranging from 1976 to 2008.

TV shows as The Sopranos and ER, as well as such films as The Avengers have relied heavily on Young’s music. The CW’s Supernatural is very fond of using AC/DC songs throughout its long run, with the music appearing in 9 episodes throughout the years. The DC movie Suicide Squad put Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap to good use. Back in Black helped usher Bruce Campbell’s iconic character back to the small screen in Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and Daddy’s Home put Thunderstruck to memorable use.

The long list goes on and on, with iconic 70s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati the first mainstream TV show to spotlight the band. Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive used AC/DC to help sell the movie, with a soundtrack that proudly displayed the name of Young’s band on the cover. Only the Brave, released just this past October, was the last movie to feature AC/DC on their soundtrack, using It’s a Long Way to the Top to help tell the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of elite firefighters who risk everything to protect a town from a historic wildfire.

Original AC/DC singer Bon Scott passed away in February of 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson. Malcolm Young was a heavy drinker, he briefly left AC/DC in 1988 during the Blow Up Your Video Tour, his only absence from the band up to and until his dementia diagnosis, to go to rehab to curb his drinking problem. After a few months, Malcolm returned to the band and remained sober ever since. The band was not surprised, saying that if the guitarist put his mind to something, he could do anything. The Young brothers and AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. With over 110 million albums sold, AC/DC is also the best-selling Australian act of all time. Malcolm Young will be missed, but never forgotten. Rest in peace, Mr. Young. You can read the band’s full statement via AC/DC’s website.

It is a sad day in rock and roll. Malcolm Young was my friend and the heart and soul of AC/DC. I had some of the best times of my life with him on our 1984 European tour. He will be missed and my deepest condolences to his family, bandmates and friends.

— Eddie Van Halen (@eddievanhalen) November 18, 2017

Rest in rock power AC/DC’s #MalcolmYoung, #1 greatest rhythm guitarist in the entire history of rock n roll. THANKYOU for everything.

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) November 18, 2017

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With His Family, Friends & Fans…Great Guy …A Pleasure To Know…Truly Missed, Malcolm…XX

— David Coverdale (@davidcoverdale) November 18, 2017

So sad to learn of the passing of yet another friend, Malcolm Young. He will be sadly missed. God Bless

— Ozzy Osbourne (@OzzyOsbourne) November 18, 2017

Rest in peace Malcolm Young! Gone way too soon!

— Bob Dylan (@Bob41Dylan) November 18, 2017


— Zakk Wylde (@ZakkWyldeBLS) November 18, 2017

The greatest rhythm guitar player ever and a songwriter beyond compare. Malcolm Young is forever a legend.

— greg dulli (@MrGregDulli) November 18, 2017

The driving engine of AC/DC has died.A tragic end for a sometimes unsung icon. One of the true greats. RIP.

— Paul Stanley (@PaulStanleyLive) November 18, 2017

I’m sorry to hear about Malcolm Young, a fine player.

— Tony Iommi (@tonyiommi) November 18, 2017

RIP Malcolm Young. Like so many punk kids, AC-DC was the first metal band I was able to love. You brought us all together.

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) November 18, 2017


What Jake Gyllenhaal Looks Like as The Batman

To say Ben Affleck has been wishy-washy about returning as Bruce Wayne in DC’s The Batman would be an understatement. The ‘will he or won’t he’ parade of news has been unbearable, and on par with whether or not Daniel Craig would come back as James Bond. While doing press for Justice League, Affleck has admitted that he’s not committing himself to the role. And that he’s looking for a way out of the DCEU that is quick, painless, and drama-free. In recent days, we’ve learned that director Matt Reeves is already testing new Batmen. And at the top of his list is Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, we have an idea what that might look like.

Evergreen fan artist BossLogic has rendered a new piece that puts Gyllenhaal in the batsuit. He’s dark, brooding. But is he right for the role.? We’ll let you tale a look and decide for yourself. BossLogic had this to say about his latest masterpiece.

“Just a quick fix for now – Jake Batman, might add more to it.”

Perhaps there will be an update with Jake Gyllenhaal wearing the cowl. But that has always been a point of contention with every Batman actor. Just how much screen time does the famous face get out of the mask? Ben Affleck actually gets quite a bit in this weekend’s Justice League. And we can imagine Jake will demand the same. Interestingly enough George Clooney, once voted the sexiest man alive, spends more time in the mask than Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer.

At this moment in time, The Batman doesn’t have a set actor in place, as Ben Affleck has not agreed to return. While Jake Gyllenhaal might be Matt Reeves’ top choice, there are other actors in the running. Though there is no short list being flaunted just yet, so who else might be coming in is anyone’s guess.

The DCEU is in flux. Aquaman has wrapped. It will be the next DC movie to hit theaters, but doesn’t arrive until next December, giving fans a pretty big gap between movies. In an interesting turn of events, Shazam will be the movie that follows Aquaman. It was supposed to be The Flash movie which has evolved into Flashpoint. But while that movie is in pre-production, Warner Bros. is waiting to see how Justice League does, and they could still get pulled. Suicide Squad 2 seems like a sure thing, but even that movie is standing on thin ice.

If Ben Affleck does step down, there will be plenty of actors eager to take over the role of billionaire Bruce Wayne and his alter ego The Batman. If Affleck does step down, it will create an interesting paradox, as other DC movies movie forward. Will The Batman be connected to the DCEU? Perhaps not. Fans will just have to wait and see how this all pans out.

Just a quick fix for now – Jake Batman, might add more to it.

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) November 18, 2017


Justice League Deleted Scenes Include a Lot More Cyborg

Warner Bros. Justice League is finally in theaters right now, and while some are already planning their second and third trips to see this superhero adventure on the big screen, others are looking forward to the additional material that will arrive with the Blu-ray and DVD release. Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in this superhero ensemble, revealed that there was one particular scene that he shot which was very special to him, although it never made it in the theatrical cut. Here’s what he had to say about this flashback scene, which involves Victor Stone and his mother.

“There were some things that you’ll probably end up seeing later on, that didn’t make it into this version of the film. There’s a scene with Victor Stone, when he still was Victor Stone, and his mother, that was really special to shoot. It does feel like an origin, particularly to people who don’t know as much about Cyborg. We pretty much know the history of the Flash. And then you’ve got Aquaman, who’s half man, half Atlantean. I think those stories have been told for so long, it’s kind of like just knowing Batman or Superman’s origin, or Wonder Woman’s origin.”

While we saw Victor Stone’s father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton) in the brief Cyborg scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, his mother has yet to be seen. There were reports this fall that Karen Bryson was cast as Victor’s mother, when the Justice League IMDB page was updated, revealing that the actress was playing Elinore Stone. The actress is still listed on the Justice League page, but her role is uncredited. This movie does change the Cyborg origin story, as revealed in a report from last month, but it remains to be see how that affects his relationship with his mother, as opposed to the comics. It seems likely, though, that we will get to see Victor’s mother in these deleted scenes, and it seems likely that she could return for the Cyborg movie that is being planned for a 2020 release. Here’s what Ray Fisher had to say about why these cuts were ultimately made.

“You’re shooting and testing, and when you’re putting it together, you’re seeing how cohesive you can make the story. Ultimately this is a team story, and, while there is some Cyborg material that we don’t see here, I’m just happy that my teammates get to shine as well. What is great about this film going forward is you’ll be able to see him rebuild himself mentally the same way that his father rebuilt him physically. And it’s a process that’s going to take time.”

We reported in May that the stand-alone Cyborg movie is still in the works, and that Warner Bros. is planning on an April 3, 2020 release. The studio has also set a July 24, 2020 release date for Green Lantern Corps, which is said to feature Hal Jordan, John Stewart and other iconic Green Lantern characters. As of now, though, Warner Bros. hasn’t announced any writers or directors for either 2020 project. Ray Fisher made these revelations in an interview with Game Spot.


Incredibles 2 Trailer Unleashes a Baby Jack Jack Attack

We may never get a good Fantastic Four movie, but Disney is giving us the next best thing. Arguably a much better thing. After more than a decade, we finally have our first look at Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. Though, we don’t get to see much. Director Brad Bird is finally returning to the world he created in 2004 by bringing us one of the most highly-anticipated superhero movies of 2018. And considering that Avengers: Infinity War is also coming out next year, that is a bold statement. But a deservedly bold statement. Disney released a synopsis for the movie along with an image and poster.

“Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in Incredibles 2 but this time Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is in the spotlight, leaving Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell) and Dash (voice of Huck Milner) to navigate the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life. It’s a tough transistion for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) must find a way to work together again, which is easier said than done, even when they’re all Incredible.”

Director Brad Bird and the producers of the movie were on hand at Disney’s D23 Expo over the summer to talk about the highly-anticipated sequel, but they didn’t release any footage. Disney and Pixar decided to make us wait, but they recently released a little teaser online that didn’t have any actual footage, promising that the Incredibles 2 teaser trailer was indeed coming. They made good on that promise as the footage is now online This is our first real look at The Incredibles 2 and it mostly shows us baby Jack Jack using his powers, with Mr. Incredible quite the proud pop.

Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson), Elastigirl (Holly Hunter), Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), Jack Jack (Eli Fucile/Maeve Andrews), Violet (Sarah Vowell), Dash (Spencer Fox) and Edna Mode (Brad Bird) are all set to return in The Incredibles 2. Luckily, even though it has been such a long time since the original movie arrived in theaters, Pixar was able to corral everyone in order to make a proper sequel. What would an Incredibles movie be without Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone? Maybe he’ll have better luck keeping track of his super suit this time around.

Brad Bird got his start directing animated movies like The Iron Giant, Ratatouille and the first Incredibles, which remain his most beloved efforts to date. He then moved on to try his hand at live-action, with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, which went really well. Many consider it to be the best Mission: Impossible movie to date. His next live-action effort, Disney’s Tomorrowland, didn’t go quite as well. The ambitious flick was a miss with critics and something of a bomb at the box office. So, Bird has returned to finally do The Incredibles sequel we’ve all been wanting to see since 2004. Better late than never.

The Incredibles 2 was originally supposed to come out on June 21, 2019, but Disney decided to bump it up by a year to June 15, 2018, and bumping back Toy Story 4 to that 2019 date. It isn’t likely anyone is going to complain about that. The original Incredibles remains one of Pixar’s most beloved movies and it was a major hit at the box office, bringing in $633 million back in 2004. Given how long people have been waiting to see the return of the supers, we can guess this will be a big hit for the studio as well. Be sure to check out the first teaser for The Incredibles 2, courtesy of Disney and Pixar, for yourself below.

[embedded content]

Incredibles 2 photo

Incredibles 2 poster


Jennifer Hudson And Her Fiance David Otunga Split Up, And There’s Plenty Of Drama

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga are calling it quits after ten years, and apparently this ending is far from amicable.


Jay Pharoah, Katt Williams, Keke Palmer In Lionsgate Laffer ‘#Twominutesoffame’

EXCLUSIVE: After moving seamlessly from Saturday Night Live to the Showtime sitcom White Famous, Jay Pharoah has been set as a lead of of #TWOMINUTESOFFAME, starring with Katt Williams and Keke Palmer in a Lionsgate/CodeBlack feature comedy fused to the studio’s Laugh Out Loud streaming network that launched in August. Pharoah will play an up-and-coming social media sensation who travels to LA with dreams of becoming a big stand-up comedy star, after his impressions of an Eddie Murphy-like stand up comedian-turned-movie star blows up virally. Katt plays that reigning king of comedy, who might be at the brink of losing his throne, but is upset by being made fun of, and plans a rude awakening for the upstart. Palmer plays the up and coming comedian’s long suffering live-in love, who watches him follows his dream to Los Angeles while she’s stuck home, paying the bills and caring for their child.

Devon Shepard and Yamara Taylor wrote the script and Leslie Small will direct. CodeBlack Entertainment’s Jeff Clanagan will produce alongside Paul Hall.

The movie brings a fictional storyline to the streaming network that is run by Lionsgate. Laugh Out Loud’s mission is to help break comic talent on the streaming network, and its existence is integral to the plot. Some of the talent developed on the site, including social media influencers DC Young Fly (the TRL host) and Jess Hilarious, will also play roles in the film. Williams was last seen in the films Father Figure, Scary Movie 5 and School Dance. Palmer first appeared in a Lionsgate film when she broke through as the 11-year old spelling bee champ title character of Akeelah and the Bee.

Pharoah currently stars in Lionsgate’s White Famous as Floyd Mooney, a rising young African-American comedian who is carefully navigating an attempt to become a crossover star (white famous) while trying to maintain his credibility. The series is exec produced by Jamie Foxx, who based it on his own experiences, and Tom Kapinos. Pharoah jumped into that after an SNL turn that featured some of the funniest impressions that show has ever seen. One impression in particular bears a passing resemblance to the plot of this movie: Pharoah’s SNL impression of gridiron star-turned-broadcaster Shannon Sharpe was fall out of your chair funny, to just about everyone but Sharpe.

Pharoah is repped by ICM Partners, Shaina Farrow and Hansen Jacobson. Williams is ICM Partners and Palmer UTA and Laren Entertainment.

Since I brought it up, here is a reminder of Pharoah’s Sharpe impression:


‘Get Out’ Director Jordan Peele: Scaring Up Racial Dialogue By Fusing Genre With Polemic

While he built an Emmy-winning career in socially aware comedy, those who knew Jordan Peele weren’t surprised when he married a polemical theme to the horror genre for his feature directorial debut Get Out. Peele grew up a self-described movie nerd, with an encyclopedic knowledge of horror films, and after Get Out became one of the most wildly profitable films in memory, with a $253 million global gross on a $4.5 million budget, the film’s clever play on race relations in this country makes Peele the rare genre filmmaker figuring in awards season. Even though the last horror movie to clean up at the Oscars was The Silence of the Lambs, Get Out is emerging as a viable contender.

“Several things caught me off-guard, as to how well they worked,” Peele says. “One was the amount of conversation it started. I always hear of people leaving Get Out, and then having a two-hour long conversation with the person they saw it with.”


Another aspect that pleased Peele is the tone of the project. He set out to protect it, he says, from the fact that, “On paper, what you have is something inherently unpleasant–the victimization of black people, the villains being white people. You basically have an uncomfortable racial conversation, and a reality we deal with in a very uncomfortable way, a horrific reality.” Peele made a film that was universally relatable for audiences. “The idea that I was able to sell this movie to everybody, regardless of skin color and where you’re coming from,” he says, “the fact that white and black people could walk into this movie, seeing things from different perspectives, but by the middle of the movie, everybody is reacting like they’re Chris? It was more of a unifying experience.” But Peele hadn’t always been confident the outcome would be thus. “I had these nightmares of fights [in the theater], and creating more animosity than unity,” he says. “It just speaks to the power of story. If the performance and the script are all taken care of, the audience will drop any preconceived notions, and just feel the emotions of the protagonist and see through the eyes of that protagonist.”

Get Out Box Office


There was also Peele’s decision to scrap his original scripted ending–the one that showed the protagonist being carted off to jail. It can be viewed on the DVD, but the filmmaker decided it was wrong to invoke his own politics at the expense of the satisfying ending he felt the genre audience would want. “Thank goodness,” he says, “but it was pretty clear by the time that the cut with that original ending was made, that we were in a different America than I wrote the movie in. It was pretty clear the new America was ready to engage in this conversation. Instead of being in denial about racism, we have been addressing it more. With the Black Lives Matter movement and attention to police brutality, it was clear people had a certain fatigue from those horrors, and needed a hero, an escape, as well as a way to confront it. It feels like things have gotten worse with the racial conversation. People are emboldened to be more outwardly racist, but really, there has been a system of racial oppression forever. That we’re engaged in a conversation about it, I’m optimistic it’s pushing us in a right direction.”


While focused on his next film–another politically aware thriller through the company he launched with a big Universal deal–due to start production early next year, Peele at this point has resisted the usual genre-hit move to sequelize, saying he hasn’t figured out a part two that would feel as fresh as Get Out.

“I haven’t decided anything yet and I am allowing the creative part to bubble up, and not force it,” he says. “I know if a follow-up is meant to happen, it will. I’m open to figuring out what it is. But I also don’t want to let down the original and its fans. I simply would not do something like that for the cash.”


NBC Buys Comedy From Joe Port, Joe Wiseman & Kapital Entertainment

NBC has put in development a relationship comedy from the Me, Myself & I team of co-executive producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment and Warner Bros. TV.

Written by comedy veterans Port and Wiseman, the comedy centers on a 20-something woman and a 40-something guy who get into a go-nowhere relationship that unexpectedly goes somewhere, bringing their generationally divided friends and family along for the ride.

Port and Wiseman executive produce with Kapital Entertainment’s Kaplan and Dana Honor.

Port and Wiseman serve as co-executive producers on CBS/WBTV/Kapital’s freshman Me, Myself and & I, a comedy that also has a multi-generational theme, focusing on three distinct periods in a man’s life over a 50-year span.


Jenji Kohan Inks Overall Deal With Netflix

Netflix has signed an exclusive multi-year deal with Jenji Kohan, who is behind two hit series for the Internet network, Orange Is the New Black and GLOW.

Weeds creator Kohan is the latest A-list showrunner to make Netflix her creative home, joining Shonda Rhimes. Under the pact, she will produce new original series and other projects.

Kohan created and executive produces Orange is The New Black, which helped put Netflix on the original series map and continues to be one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows. She also executive produces Netflix’s ’80s-inspired female comedy series GLOW, which was a breakout when it debuted this year and has been renewed for a second season.

“Bold, outspoken and totally fearless, Jenji has constantly raised the bar for storytelling at Netflix,” said Cindy Holland, VP Original Content at Netflix. “She possesses a rare and special talent to say what’s unspoken, choose the unexpected over the safe and drive the cultural conversation – and audiences love her for it. She has been with us from the beginning and we could not be more thrilled to continue working together over the coming years.”

Said Kohan, who previously was under a deal at OITNB producer Lionsgate TV, “Current climate aside, it’s great to be in bed with Netflix.”

Kohan is repped by CAA and attorney Robert Getman.

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