U.K. Box Office: ‘Big Hero 6′ Hugs Top, ‘The Interview’ Debuts in 10th Place

‘Paddington’ finally fell out of the top 10 following a tremendous 10-week run.

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Miley Cyrus Totally Grabbed Katy Perry’s Boob at the Grammys [PHOTO]

What?? Miley Cyrus totally grabbed Katy Perry's boob at the Grammys.

Miley showed her love for Katy on Twitter, tweeting, “Dontchyouuuu act like you didn’t lurvvvvv it @katyperry,”

To which Katy replied, “Oooo gurrrl I’m gonna give you the BIGGEST spanking when I see you in the UK bb!”

It's a bestie lovefest!


China Box Office: ‘Running Man’ Overtakes ‘The Hobbit’ as ‘Hunger Games’ Opens Big

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1′ grossed nearly $10 million on its opening day in the world’s second-largest film market.

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South Korea Box Office: ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Debuts in Third, ‘Big Hero 6′ Remains Second

‘C’est Si Bon’ topped charts amid the dominance of other homegrown period dramas ‘Ode to My Father’ and ‘Gangnam Blues.’

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Spider-Man / Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossover in the Works


NORTH AMERICA: Weekend Actuals: ‘The SpongeBob Movie’ Surges Past Expectations with $55.4M; ‘American Sniper’ Holds Well with $23.3M; ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Soft with $18.4M; ‘Seventh Son’ Bombs with $7.2M


Stars And Stripes Publishes Full Brian Williams Interview Because He Canceled On David Letterman

Stars and Stripe says it has today published the transcript and audio of its full interview with Brian Williams from last week — because Williams canceled on David Letterman.

Williams will not appear on the Late Show with David Letterman this Thursday, yesterday canceling a long-scheduled appearance in the wake of an investigation into his inflated claims about taking enemy fire while in a helicopter in Iraq. Some industry navel gazers say he’s missed a great opportunity by canceling. But Williams’ loss, and Letterman’s, is Stars and Stripes’ gain.

“The reason we decided to publish it now is because Williams backed out of this appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman,” Travis Tritten, who did the interview, explained this afternoon to CNN. “We felt there was a lot of interest out there to hear him, in his own words, really address these questions and hear his response, unfiltered — so everybody can listen for themselves and judge,” Tritten added.

“We are five days [later] and Williams has not come forward and answered questions. He has made statements on his own but he hasn’t sat and answered questions about it.”

In the interview, Tritten is heard telling Williams he had “multiple guys” telling him they remember immediately after the incident that Williams and NBC were reporting he was on the aircraft that was hit.

Williams’s response, in full:

No, I think I correctly reported as I did in my blog in ’08 that I was on the aircraft behind the one that was hit. It was not … Because I knew we had all come under fire, I guess I had assumed that all of the airframes took some damage because we all went down. Also, remember, adding to the fear of the moment was the fact that we unhooked, our load master let loose a huge, our cargo, so you go through this over-torque where you rise in the air before you settle, despite what was some dandy piloting by the crews of all three aircraft. It was like landing on the surface of the moon. And I’m going to have a far different recollection than the professionals. These are the guys, and I think maybe you know more than I do — Was it a mixture of Big Windy [Company] out of Germany and Air National Guard from the States? Because that is what I recall.

“Obviously those are inaccurate statements,” Tritten told CNN. “And, if you listen to the tape, I did follow up with him and pressed him on this point of whether he was actually following…and that sources I had said he was not following the aircraft that was hit [and] was actually on another route that was an hour behind this other route. And he told me this was the first he heard of that.”

“Of course, after we spoke, he went on Nightly News and made his apology, saying he was following the aircraft that was hit,” Tritten snarked.

To date, no one has come forward with video or transcript of an NBC News report immediately following the incident in which it was reported Williams was on the vehicle that was hit.

Tritten acknowledged the “small group of guys” with whom he spoke and who had been involved with the incident have accepted Williams apology. But he forecast the release of Stars and Stripes’ full interview with Williams is “probably going to create more upset among the wider veteran” population. “Frankly, a lot of them want to see him gone,” he told CNN.  He did not explain what has led him to that conclusion — then again, he wasn’t asked.


Black List Teams With Studiocanal & The Picture Company To Find Euro Screenwriter

Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman’s The Picture Company and Studiocanal are teaming with the Black List to identify a European writer for a blind script deal in a wide range of genres, including action-thriller and suspense. From today, writers will be able to opt into consideration by hosting their script on the Black List’s website. All aspirants must hold an EU passport and cannot have made more than $250K from screenwriting fees over the course of their careers. The scripts will be in English. The Black List has similar partnerships with Warner Bros, Disney and the NFL.

Rona and Heineman, producers of Non-Stop, have a first-look deal with European mini-major Studiocanal under which they are developing several projects including The Tracking Of A Russian Spy and an adaptation of the Victor The Assassin book franchise for Taken and The Gunman helmer Pierre Morel. They co-founded The Picture Company last year. It’s in postproduction on March release The Gunman starring Sean Penn and is developing a reimagining of Robin Hood at Disney and a reinvention of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York at Fox.


IMAX To Offer ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ On 75 Screens

The deal is “something we’re doing literally at the last minute,” IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster told investors today at the Stifel Technology, Internet & Media Conference. Although Fifty Shades Of Grey will just run in about 75 of the large screen venues when it’s released this weekend “it’s something I think we have to do” in order to “increase our bandwidth.”

It’s part of IMAX’s growing effort to expand beyond its core audience of fanboys and fangirls and “take some chances” on weeks when it doesn’t have a major franchise release, Foster says. About eight films account for two-thirds of IMAX’s annual box office, but the company wants to boost sales other times during the year. “You’ll win or lose based on those periods with singles or doubles, not home runs.”

The company is coming off a win from its decision to show American Sniper, something IMAX agreed to do about 10 days before it came out. He’s also pleased with the $2 million generated  by the large screen showing of two episodes of HBO’s Game Of Thrones.  “It was a nice counter programming effort to get young people back into the theater.” Now IMAX is optimistic about week-long runs for Will Smith’s upcoming Focus, and sci-fi film Chappie.

Last week IMAX said that Terrance Malick’s Voyage Of Time would be the first film to benefit from the company’s $50 million Original Film Fund.

Foster says that audiences are drawn to small, quirky films and blockbusters. “It’s the mid-level movie that’s having quite a big issue” disappointing consumers. “And that’s a business we’re not in. If the movie business doesn’t work in general then it doesn’t work for IMAX.” Last year, “was not a great year and people get out of the habit of going.” IMAX also missed out on two hits, Frozen and The Lego Movie, because “we didn’t do family oriented movies” — in part because execs believed the tickets would be too expensive. “Well, why not?….We’re trying to be more open-minded and nimble.”

Foster adds that he’s enthusiastic about IMAX’s new technologies to expand the sound systems to 12 channels from five, and to use laser projectors that offer brighter and larger images for digital releases. The company also is looking at ways to offer IMAX-branded services outside of large theater screens. “We’re trying to be a bigger part of the puzzle.”


ARC Entertainment Tees Up Sundance Thriller ‘The Squeeze’

ARC Entertainment has wrapped its arms around all North American rights to The Squeeze, writer-director Terry Jastrow’s golf-meets-gambling thriller that played at Sundance last month. Christopher McDonald stars as a notorious gambler who discovers a modest young man with uncommon golf skills (Jeremy Sumpter) in a small rural town. Seeing his potential, the gambler convinces him to abandon his dreams of winning the U.S. Open and start playing in high-stakes matches. They don’t lose, and the stakes grow higher and higher until the game becomes life or death.

Katherine LaNasa, Jillian Murray, Michael Nouri and Jason Dohring co-star in the pic, which was produced by Anne Archer, Jastrow, Brian McCormack, Michael Doven and George Parra. Simon Horsman and Milton Kim exec produced. ARC will release it day-and-date April 17 in select top markets and on premium VOD.

The Squeeze uniquely captures the riveting story of a wholesome young golfer who gets caught up in the underworld of illegal gambling,” said ARC Entertainment’s Head of Acquisitions Scott Moesta. “Terry Jastrow and the cast did a fantastic job with this film, and it will keep the audiences on the edge of their seats.” ARC’s recent releases include Field of Lost Shoes, Autumn Blood and A Little Game.