‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Hits $280 Million


3 Types Of Facebook Statuses I Don’t Know Whether Or Not To Like

I work on the Internet for a living. Because of that, I glance at Facebook a lot. I’m not going to get into how often right now a) because my boss might be reading and b) because it’s an embarrassing amount for an adult man. Let’s just agree it’s enough to run into a lot of overly complicated ethical dilemmas on social media. Because of this, I’ve become pretty savvy.
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NORTH AMERICA: Weekend Actuals: ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Conquers the Box Office with $72.6M Debut


Mila Kunis to W Magazine: "I Never Wanted To Get Married." (PHOTO)

Milakuniswmagazine(Photo: W magazine)

Mila Kunis was never the marrying type; That is, until she met Ashton Kutcher.

The actress tells the August issue of W magazine, in which she covers, that she met her fiance when she was just 14 and they starred in That 70s Show together.

She tells the mag, “I never wanted to get married. From the age of 12, I prepared my parents for no marriage. Then things changed — I found the love of my life.”

She continues, “Now my theory on weddings is: Don’t invite anyone. Do it privately and secretly.”

“My parents are okay with that,” she adds. “They’re just excited that I said yes.”

And her first kiss was with him on the show she explains, “My first real kiss ever was with him on the show, and when ‘That ’70s Show’ had a prom, my date for the prom turned out to be my fiancé.”

She declares, “We can honestly say that we went to prom together! Although I do think that in that episode I went home with someone else. We don’t talk about that part. Not only did it introduce me to my fiancé,” Kunis says of the sitcom, “but I’m so grateful that all my mistakes are recorded for posterity.”

The the pregnant star talks about motherhood, “I have never wanted to be the person who only has business on her mind. To me, this job has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession, but I don’t eat and breathe acting.”

She notes,“I’m sure Meryl Streep has a very different point of view. But I’m excited about being a full-time mom.”

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Weird Al Takes On Pharrell With Colorfully Cameo-Filled Video For ‘Tacky’

years of adamant anticipation for more of his pop-skewing masterpieces have paid off in spades with the arrival of his new video, “Tacky,” which not only pokes fun at Pharrell’s insanely popular hit “Happy,” but also the neverending stream of society’s most terrible trends. Crocs and Instagrammed food pictures will be mankind’s least remembered obsessions.
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Harry Potter Attraction At Universal Studios Japan Will Include Live Owls And The Black Lake

These days, Harry Potter fans looking for an immersive experience into J.K. Rowling’s magical world need only to head to Universal Studios Orlando in Florida to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attractions, which now include the newly added Diagon Alley area, joining the previously opened Hogsmeade.
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Pamela Anderson Files For Divorce From Rick Salomon



Pamela Anderson has split from hubby Rick Salomon and filed papers for a divorce, this, according to TMZ.

The couple got married in 2007, had the marriage annulled after two months, then married for a second time this year.

If you will recall she was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock.

They have no children together.


Katie Holmes Poses Topless For ‘Glamour,’ Talks Being a Single Mom (PHOTO)


Katieholmesglamour(Photo: Glamour)

Being a single mom hasn't stopped Katie Holmes from doing the 'sex appeal' thing.

Katies poses topless for the August issue of Glamour. (Check out the topless photo here.)

She tell the mag of being a single mom – after her split from Tom Cruise two-year ago, “I am really focused on motherhood and work right now.”

“Motherhood is the greatest gift. When I became a mother, my life completely changed,” says the actress.

On daughter Suri, she jokes, “I’ve seen Frozen a lot.”

“But the biggest change? I think you don’t know — I didn’t know how much love I had in me. It’s overwhelming. Every day I discover more about this spectacular human being I get to be the mother of,” she explains.

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NEW MUSIC: Paris Hilton, ‘Come Alive’ (AUDIO)

Paris Hilton is still doing the music thing even though she is horrible at it!

Paris dropped her latest track titled Come Alive last week and we wanted to share it with you to get your thoughts.

The song will be on her upcoming album due out later this year. Her last album release was in 2006.


Hot Trailer: BBC Debuts Official ‘Doctor Who’ Promo During World Cup Final

With a little more than a month to go until Peter Capaldi fully regenerates as the latest incarnation of the Time Lord, the official Doctor Who trailer has been revealed. BBC One aired the latest look at Series 8 during halftime of the World Cup on Sunday night. After some much shorter glimpses into the new Who, this full-length trailer features Daleks, Cybermen, a dinosaur and Capaldi on a horse. Series 8 kicks off on the BBC and on BBC America on August 23 with a feature-length episode entitled “Deep Breath” in which Capaldi’s 12th Doctor makes his first full-episode appearance. Jenna Coleman returns as companion Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson joins the cast as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School, where Clara also works. On Friday, the BBC said it had added comedian, actor and broadcaster Sanjeev Bhaskar (The Kumars) to the cast. Guest stars in the new series include Michelle Gomez, Frank Skinner, Ben Miller, Tom Riley, Keeley Hawes and Hermione Norris.