‘Black Mirror’ Season Four Trailer: Good Parenting Takes A Dark Turn In Jodie Foster’s ‘Arkangel’

In the first look at season 4 of Netflix’s anthology Black Mirror, it spares no expense to tease even more techno-paranoia for its binge-watching audience. The new trailer features the Jodie Foster-directed episode “Arkangel” starring Rosemarie DeWitt and gives a terrifying look at “good parenting.”

The 55-second tease features DeWitt’s character and her daughter playing in a park when she all of sudden disappears. After frantically trying to find her, she shows up but DeWitt’s character is clearly unsettled and decides to make her daughter go through a procedure where it doesn’t happen again.

The trailer doesn’t give the full details of this “completely safe” technological intiative, but all we see is a syringe injected into the child’s head accompanied by the caption “The key to good parenting is control” and a doctor saying “Response so far is just incredible. A sense of security, peace of mind. The stories we’re hearing are just truly inspirational.” But as we know from Black Mirror, it is anything but.

Season 4 of Black Mirror is set to bow on the streaming giant in 2018.


Daddy’s Home 2 Taught Mel Gibson He Stinks at Improv Comedy

Mel Gibson admits that he couldn’t keep up with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg on the set of Daddy’s Home 2. Ferrell is known to adlib a lot on set and according to Gibson, Ferrell and Wahlberg are really good at adlibbing on the spot together, often leaving him in the dust. Mel Gibson even admitted to being “intimidated” by the natural comedic talents of the duo who have starred in more than one movie together. It’s a far cry from some of the Three Stooges references that Gibson would pepper into the Lethal Weapon franchise.

While speaking to New! magazine, Mel Gibson compared Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell to Chinese ping pong players, which might not have been the wisest comparison, but hey, it’s his life. Gibson had this to say.

“I was lost. They left me behind. I felt like a spectator at a Beijing Ping Pong match with the flip-flapping back and forth between them that I was trying to keep up with.”

Gibson went on to call working on the set of Daddy’s Home 2 a real “job” because of the off-the-wall talents of Ferrell and Wahlberg. Mark Wahlberg even noted that Mel Gibson looked lost on the set when filming first began.

Apparently, after a little bit of time on the set, Mel Gibson warmed up and found out that he was in a “safe” place to try whatever he wanted, away from the printed script. It’s been reported that Gibson ended up having the most fun on the set out of everybody once he got the hang of watching Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg adlib some hilarious moments. The veteran actor is no stranger to comedy, but he’s been more involved in serious jobs for the last handful of years.

Mel Gibson became a controversial figure following a string of incidents, including being accused of making racist and anti-Semitic remarks, along with alleged domestic violence against former partner Oksana Grigorieva. After being pulled over for drunk driving, Gibson blamed the Jews for “all the wars in the world,” along with a bunch of other pretty terrible things. The actor maintains that he was angry and “loaded” when he made the remarks and also claims that he was illegally recorded, but whatever the case may be, Mel Gibson is on a mission to dig himself out of the wreckage from his past.

Mel Gibson’s inclusion in Daddy’s Home 2 has been questioned, but many claim that his appearance in the movie might have kept it from going straight to home video after some pretty savage reviews by critics and fans. Gibson is back and although he may not be able to compete with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in the comedy department, he reportedly still had a wonderful time on the set. You can read more about Mel Gibson’s experience on the set of Daddy’s Home 2 via Female First U.K.


Watch Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca Reunite in Theaters This Weekend

New footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is being shown before the Pixar movie Coco, during the Noovie preshow, and it features a reunion between Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker. Yes, you read that correctly, the wookie and the Jedi, chilling out on Ahch-To along with Rey. Disney and Lucasfilm are on the promotional rampage, premiering a slew of new footage over the last few weeks. Just recently, we were able to see Chewie do something many have wanted him to do for the last 6 months: Punch a Porg.

Although the reunion sounds like it’s all fun and games, it’s actually not. Luke Skywalker is apparently pretty grumpy and still pretty mad about the whole Kylo Ren betrayal deal. Rey and Chewbacca approach Luke in this sneak peek, asking him to return and help the Resistance. Luke says, “You think I came to the most unfindable place in the galaxy to be disturbed?” Ouch. It would seem that Luke warms up a little bit after the awkward first meeting as other bits of footage have shown. It’s pretty amazing that you can head to a movie theater and see Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker reunite after more than 30 years.

New footage of Luke Skywalker walking into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon was enough to bring tears to many fans’ eyes, so it’s hard to imagine what kind of emotions will start flowing seeing Chewie and Luke on the big screen for the first time since The Return of the Jedi. Regardless, the wait is nearly over for The Last Jedi and it’s expected to be an emotional installment, being the first movie without Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and the last movie that Carrie Fisher appears in as General Organa. Mark Hamill and director Rian Johnson have promised a fitting tribute in the movie, but it might be more than fans can handle if they’re tearing up at the sight of Luke on the Millennium Falcon.

The Last Jedi doesn’t even need any more promotion as it’s already on track to earn over $200 million opening weekend. The debut weekend will easily make it the highest grossing opening weekend of the dismal box office year, beating Disney’s Beauty and the Beast live-action remake by nearly $30 million, which held the previous record for the year. In addition, the Star Wars movie is expected to do so well that it raised the end of the year stock prices for all of the movie theater chains, but helping AMC out the most with a nice 5% uptick.

It’s a good weekend to go to the movies and you might as well at least sneak into the preshow of Coco before going to see Justice League to see Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca reunite for the first time in over 30 years. The wait is almost over for The Last Jedi and Mark Hamill has asked all fans who are able to see advanced screenings to keep the secrets to themselves until the movie is officially released on December 15th. So what are you waiting for? Head out to go see Coco, or at least the Noovie preshow. You can read more about the reunion, courtesy of Making Star Wars.

Everyone’s talking about Luke and Leia reunion, but I do want to see something like that, Chewie is on Ahch-to!

— Yan Lepage (@Thorloke) September 1, 2017


Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut Doesn’t Actually Exist?

It just wouldn’t be a normal day without some kind of Justice League controversy. Today, we’re revisiting the now mythical Zack Snyder cut of the DC superhero team-up movie. The incredibly divisive adventure has been subject to a new petition from hardcore DC fans demanding that Zack Snyder’s original cut of Justice League get an official release. The only problem is that some say a nearly 3-hour cut exists, while others claim that it doesn’t exist at all. Now a VFX artist from the movie has come forward to end the debate, claiming that Snyder’s cut does not exist in any form.

This unnamed VFX artist, who works on DC’s superhero movies, took to Reddit to dispel some of the rumors going around and Zack Snyder came up in the conversation. The artist had this to say regarding Zack Snyder’s “single vision” cut.

“There is no Snyder cut. Directors constantly change the edit as they’re going along, hence why some shots get half-finished then scrapped, like some of the leaked ones.”

But apparently that wasn’t enough of a confirmation for the hardcore DC fans who still don’t want to believe that Zack Snyder’s cut doesn’t exist. Another fan asked him again about the cut and he shot it down again. And again.

“1000% bullsh!t. As I’ve said, of course there is an assembly cut Zack had going before he left, but that was 9 months ago. He himself said he hasn’t touched or interfered or been a part of the process since March. There is no cut. People like this guy are the worst, perpetuating rumors of processes they don’t understand.”

As of today, the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League does not exist, which makes an awful lot of sense. Even if it did hypothetically exist, there wouldn’t be any of the fancy CGI effects that everybody has been so bummed on. So, while Snyder’s vision doesn’t necessarily have a theatrical cut, the director could choose to release a book or something to show how he would have finished the movie if he were allowed to stay on.

One of the biggest problems about Zack Snyder Justice League cut rumors is the director himself. Snyder has taken to social media to like a post that was promoting the aforementioned petition, whipping his fan base into a frenzy, searching for something that doesn’t exist. Adding in the fact that he has yet to see the movie and his son publicly stating that he didn’t like Warner Bros.’ “meddling” with the movie, it sure paints an ugly picture made up of disinformation from every angle.

In other news, if you’re looking for an entertaining read, check out the entire Reddit AMA with LDN_Film, it’s truly amazing. There’s a lot of discussion about who changed the color of sparks all the way to a question about Superman‘s upper lip getting fixed for the home video release of Justice League. You can read about Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League not existing and other really detailed facts about the movie via Reddit.


Watch Marvel Superheroes Die in Horror Movies

A new YouTube video has compiled an epic list of every Avengers star’s death in a horror movie before they joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and rocketed into the stratosphere. The nearly 6-minute video is a violent collage of all of our beloved Marvel characters getting brutally killed in some really well-known horror movies, as well as some lesser-known (and pretty cheesy) Drive-In flicks. While not horror movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are going to have some pretty major fatalities, so this list might get an epic, superhero-sized makeover in the next few years.

The video starts with the man who started it all: Robert Downey Jr., the man behind Mr. Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is seen in 1994′s incredibly violent Natural Born Killers getting gunned down, execution style, by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. It’s an overly dramatic, but fitting clip to start this compilation. Next up is Mark Ruffalo, long before his Bruce Banner and Hulk days, getting a good knife to the gut and then getting some kind of animated death at the hands of an animated demon in 1994′s Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance.

James Spader gets gunned down by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1994′s Wolf and even gets a bonus clip of a brutal death in 1985′s The New Kid, which is a far cry from the villainous Ultron. Next on the list is another villain, but not just any villain. Thanos is the big bad and Josh Brolin is the man behind the motion capture magic and we see the actor die a pretty peaceful (if you don’t think about what’s actually happening to him…) death in 1997′s Mimic. Samuel L. Jackson never does anything half-assed and before he was Nick Fury, he got to die in quite possibly the best way in 1999′s Deep Blue Sea when a great white shark breaches and eats him from behind.

Scarlett Johansson is better known as Black Widow today, but ironically back in 2002 she was webbed by a giant spider in Eight Legged Freaks (though she doesn’t actually technically die). Jeremy Renner is up next in 2007′s 28 Weeks Later where he dies looking more like the Human Torch as opposed to Hawkeye and a lot of people remember Renner in that movie as getting the short end of the stick and particularly that scene in the zombie classic. Next up is Chris Evans, the man behind Captain America wearing some awesome sandals and getting cut in half in 2007′s Sunshine. The acting clearly rivals Robert Downey Jr.’s dramatic death in Natural Born Killers.

Chris Hemsworth technically died in 2012′s Cabin in the Woods while he was Thor, so this clip must have just been added as an honorable mention. Or the clip was added because it’s hilarious, it’s hard to tell, but watching Hemsworth bro out and take a dirt bike off of a sweet jump into an electronic invisible wall is pretty amazing and deserves repeat viewings. Regardless, you should check out all of these clips below, courtesy of Films Against Humanity’s YouTube channel.

[embedded content]


LAPD Has 28 Open Sex Crimes Investigations Of Hollywood And Media

The Los Angeles Police have 28 open sex crime cases involving Hollywood and media figures under active investigation, according to Police Chief Charlie Beck. He added that more investigations are likely to be opened as more claims come in.

Speaking via email to the Los Angeles Times, Beck said five teams of two special assignment detectives are investigating various allegations. Among those are producer Harvey Weinstein, actor Ed Westwick, Girls writer Murray Miller and agent Tyler Grasham, among others. All of the accused have denied the allegations.

“We anticipate the LAPD and other jurisdictions will receive even more high profile sex crime reports in the coming weeks and months,” Beck said. “We encourage all victims of sexual assault to come forward to report these crimes.”

He added: “We recognize the significant trauma these victims suffer at the hands of the predators who commit these heinous crimes. Our detectives are coordinating closely with our local prosecutors and other police agencies, including the NYPD. The high-profile nature of these particular cases has not changed our unyielding commitment to seek justice for ALL victims of sexual assault.’

Beyond the 28 cases, 37 other sex crimes reports have been sent to other jurisdictions. Some members of the LAPD cold case units are also involved.

Officer Mike Lopez of the LAPD media relations department told Deadline that investigators are collaborating with other jurisdictions as questions arise on various cases, including the high-profile ones described by Beck.


Should Michael Keaton Return as The Batman?

The Batman is supposed to be old, past his prime. A superhero who is in the process of retiring from the vigilante game. Sure, Ben Affleck has done a good job of giving fans a weathered crime fighter who has trouble keeping up. But maybe the standalone movie coming from Matt Reeves should take it a step further. Perhaps it should bring back someone with some real age on him. And we think Michael Keaton would be perfect for the part. Though George Clooney could keep the Ben Affleck continuity going very well.

There’s a lot of talk about Ben Affleck not returning to play Batman after the Justice League circus dies down. Affleck originally signed on to write, direct, and star in The Batman, but over the last year, it was announced that the actor was no longer directing the project, then it was later revealed that he was no longer writing the movie, and now it appears that he’s leaving the project entirely and new director Matt Reeves is on the hunt for another Caped Crusader. It has been reported that Jake Gyllenhaal is very interested in the part, but that Warner Bros. isn’t so sure about the actor. The right actor could be right under everybody’s nose, begging the question: Is it time to see Michael Keaton as Batman again?

Michael Keaton first starred as Bruce Wayne in Tim Burton’s classic 1989 movie, Batman, which started the Batman frenzy. Keaton stayed on for the sequel, Batman Returns, but left when the third movie was being written when he didn’t agree with the kid-friendly way that things were moving. Michael Keaton was the first actor to bring the intense, dark, and brooding Batman to the big screen and everybody since has taken a little bit from his playbook. Since the character has gone back to being dark and mysterious, it might be the best idea to bring Michael Keaton back to regain his throne.

DC fans were taken aback when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman in 2016′s Batman v Superman and mostly because of his age. Many believed that Affleck was already too old to portray Bruce Wayne while many believe to this day that he just wasn’t the best actor for the job. Affleck has played the character twice now on the big screen with mixed results at best, but hardly anyone talks about his age anymore and instead, they talk about who should step in next. Michael Keaton proved that he’s back and that he can handle the action work at the age of 66. Plus, Keaton has made a successful career out of taking the unpredictable route and what could be more unpredictable than jumping into to play the Dark Knight again? Michael Keaton was a controversial choice back in 1989 and fans bombarded Warner Bros. with furious letters, insisting Keaton was too weird, not understanding that this was precisely why Tim Burton cast him in the first place. Burton had this to say at the time.

“He’s got all that wild energy in his eyes, which would compel him to put on a Batsuit… He does it because he needs to, because he’s not this gigantic strapping macho man.”

Michael Keaton’s Batman completely changed the way superheroes were portrayed in Hollywood movies, inventing the reluctant, self-loathing alter ego that is still being copied 30 years later. It’s safe to assume that Batman wouldn’t be the major character that he is today had Keaton not come in and classed up the joint. Michael Keaton took the cheese out of comic book movies and left when they tried to bring the cheese back. It took 13 years for Batman to become cool again when Christian Bale took over the role and brought back Michael Keaton’s sensibilities back into the fold.

While some will argue that Ben Affleck is the man for the job or maybe even Jake Gyllenhaal, it might be time to bring back Michael Keaton as Batman. DC and Warner Bros. seem to have lost their way with the character these days and it really seems like they don’t know what to do with Batman anymore. Jeffrey Dean Morgan could be a worthy choice for Flashpoint, but Michael Keaton needs to come back for The Batman and show us what we’ve been missing. Bring on the petition to get Michael Keaton into the DCEU and watch the franchise get the kick in the pants that it needs. Thanks to The Guardian for giving us quotes.


Alien 3 Xenomorph Has Michelle Pfeiffer’s Lips

David Fincher reveals that he and H.R. Giger originally gave their StarBeast the famous lips of actress Michelle Pfeiffer in Alien 3. A new article details the making of Alien 3 and its difficult birth in the screenwriting and special effects department. Director David Fincher brought on H.R. Giger to redesign the adult alien for the new movie and give it more of an animal-like feeling as opposed to just a “man is a suit” type of vibe that was exhibited in the first two installments. One of the aspects that Fincher and Giger agreed upon was a more feminine look for the alien.

H.R. Giger was not impressed with the way that the adult alien looked in the first two movies, so he went in to redesign the new alien with more of an animal-like, elegant feel. Giger felt that the head should stay the same, albeit with some tweaking, and that the body should change to give it a more feline, “lethal” look that would go on to terrorize kids for decades. As for the head, both David Fincher and H.R. Giger felt that the face needed to be more feminine and the director told Giger to model the mouth of the adult alien after Michelle Pfeiffer’s voluptuous lips.

Both H.R. Giger and David Fincher felt that the adult alien should be more sensuous as opposed to physically repulsive. Fincher had this to say about the look of the alien.

“We did give it Michelle Pfeiffer’s lips. That’s what they’re based on. It always had these little thin lips, and I said to Giger, ‘let’s make it a woman when it comes right up to Ripley.’ So it has these big, luscious collagen lips.”

Fincher continued and said, “the lips and chin on my new model are better proportioned and give the creature a more erotic appearance.” Both Giger and Fincher believed that when the mouth of the alien was shut, that it looked “beautiful and voluptuous.” In addition, inside the creature’s head, Giger introduced a series of elongated, vertical structures. According to him, it was a “finger-brain, which should move like when wind is blowing over the grain.”

In the end, H.R. Giger didn’t know that that there was already a creative team working on the Alien 3 designs and concurrently constructing them. Giger believes that David Fincher was using him in a way to get the best possible work done, but in the end, only some of Giger’s suggestions ended up on the big screen, and therefore, the lips were less exaggerated and voluptuous as Fincher and Giger initially set out to make. The lips are still based on Michelle Pfeifer’s, but they are not an exact replica as was in Giger’s initial drawings and designs.

H.R. Giger felt burned by David Fincher and slowly faded from the project. In addition, he wasn’t given any credit for Alien 3, which became a pretty sore subject. Giger was promised so much and received very little for his efforts, but the alien in Alien 3 is clearly based off of H.R. Giger and if you look closely, you can still see hints of those Michelle Pfeifer lips in the mix. You can read more about the creation of Alien 3 via Monster Legacy.

H.R. Giger’s design for Alien 3‘s “runner” xeno. He based it on a sphinx. (Note the pronounced lips in his concept)

— Autumn Colorz (@NicanorJourney) April 28, 2017

<strong><em>Alien 3</em></strong> Xenomorph lips photo #3

<strong><em>Alien 3</em></strong> Xenomorph lips photo

<strong><em>Alien 3</em></strong> Xenomorph lips photo #2


Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke Officially Revealed in Justice League

Earlier in the week we were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Manganiello as an unmasked Deathstroke without the eyepatch, and now the actor has revealed the first official image of his character on social media, in all of his gray, eyepatch-wearing glory. By now, there shouldn’t be any spoiler alerts for Justice League, and everybody should know that Deathstroke has a cameo in one of the post-credit scenes with Lex Luthor. The scene hints towards a League of Doom project, but in true DC fashion, nothing has been announced or even talked about since, but there have been rumblings of some more Deathstroke coming our way.

Joe Manganiello took to Instagram to share the first official look at Slade Wilson and he looks pretty awesome. The picture is taken while filming the post-credit scene of Justice League with Lex Luthor, where the duo are setting up a “league of their own,” but a League of Doom, not the Rockford Peaches. Up until now, we’ve only seen the blurry behind the scenes photos of Manganiello in his Deathstroke gear, so this is a treat for DC fans and fans of the actor as well.

Joe Manganiello’s fate in the DCEU remains a little hazy at this point in time. During production of Justice League, Ben Affleck let slip that Manganiello had been hired to play iconic DC comics assassin character Deathstroke for The Batman, back when Affleck was still attached to write and direct the project. It’s been widely reported that Affleck is planning his exit from the standalone movie, and that he will more than likely bail when his promotional duties for Justice League are complete. It has been rumored that director Matt Reeves wanted a more well-known villain when he took over The Batman, so it seems unlikely that we will see Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke in that project.

It was revealed last month that The Raid director Gareth Evans is in early talks to write and direct a Deathstroke spin-off movie, starring Joe Manganiello. The reports have been confirmed, but no deals have been made and the project is said to be in the very early stages of development, which could mean a lot of things at this point. DC has had The Flash in development hell for the last handful of years, but may finally be on track with Flashpoint. The point being, it may be a long time before we see a Deathstroke movie, if it happens at all.

Deathstroke was introduced in the comics in 1980 in New Teen Titans No. 2. The character, whose real name is Slade Wilson, is an expert assassin with super strength and stamina. On TV, he has been played by Manu Bennett on The CW’s Arrow. Joe Manganiello looks like the perfect choice for Deathstroke and hopefully we get to see more of him soon, even if it is the League of Doom project. You can check out the brand-new picture of an unmasked Deathstroke below, courtesy of Joe Manganiello’s Instagram account.


British Entertainer John Leslie, Ex-Host Of ITV’s ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Charged With Sexual Assault

British television presenter John Leslie has become the latest entertainer to become embroiled in a sexual assault scandal after being charged with sexually assaulting a woman in a nightclub in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Leslie, who formerly hosted BBC kids TV series Blue Peter and the UK remake of Wheel of Fortune for ITV between 1998 and 2001, is alleged to have put his hand up a woman’s skirt at Atik, a nightclub in the city’s West Tollcross district in June. Leslie will appear in court in due course.

A police spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh have charged a 52-year-old man following a report that a 26-year-old woman was the victim of a sexual assault at a nightclub in the Tollcross area on Sunday 25 June.”

Leslie has not regularly appeared on television since the early 2000s but has appeared as a radio DJ on stations including Castle FM and the Scottish Bauer Radio AM network over the last five years.

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